• 05 Jul, 2024
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Does WestJet Offer a Free Checked Bag?

Yes, you can check 2 to 4 bags on the WestJet flight except with the WestJet encore, where passengers can carry 2 to 3 bags on the aircraft. The number of bags allowed is over two, and the baggage fees are required, which depend on the fare bundle and the Westjet rewards tier benefits. So before going for the flight, you must check the information regarding how much-checked baggage or luggage is allowed on the WestJet airlines. Then, you carry the bags accordingly. 

What is Westjet Airlines' checked baggage policy?

If you carry more weight than the allowed limit, you would have to pay the extra charges to the airline, which will vary depending on different factors, such as the ticket type, route, and destination. There are some of the WestJet policies that you must know about, which will help you throughout the process of packing the bags and more. The following policies are as follows;

  • as per the WestJet checked baggage policy, in economy class, only one piece of baggage is allowed that must not exceed the limit of 23 kg. In the premium class, the 2 pieces of bags are allowed that must not exceed the weight limit of 32 kg each.
  • If you carry more weight than the mentioned one, you would have to pay the fees applied to it, depending on the different factors.
  • For the economy class of WestJet Airlines, the fee that is taken for the extra baggage is around 35 USD. For the premium and the business class, the first 2 bags are free. 
  • The carry-on baggage size must not exceed 53 x 38 x 23cm.
  • The dimensions of the personal item must be within the limit of 41 x 33 15 cm. The personal items could be a purse, briefcase, camera, laptop, computer, and small musical instrument. 

What are the restrictions on bags at the Westjet?

Yes, some restrictions exist for some kinds of items that are not allowed on the aircraft. Those restrictive items are mentioned below; read all the information carefully. And this information will help you during the process, which is as follows:

  • Tasers and stun guns are not permitted on flights.
  • Firearms should not be carried in durable luggage.
  • 2 firearms are allowed per passenger and must be declared at the check-in counter.
  • Weapons like handguns, rifles, BB guns, air pistols, starter pistols, paintball guns, and shotguns are permitted to be carried, but weapons like machine gun silencers are not permitted on the aircraft.

Do you get a free checked bag with WestJet vacations?

Vacations booked with a premium or business fare receive two free checked bags. The checked bag is subject to weight, size, and piece restrictions. Some fees might be applied for each piece, and they may be combined. So you must pack your bags according to the limit to avoid baggage charges or fees. 

Conclusion: I hope you got all the information and answers related to the WestJet checked baggage policy and the restricted items on the plane of WestJet airlines. And now you can pack and carry the luggage accordingly.