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Westjet Airlines Reservations

A comprehensive guide on how one can plan a trip with WestJet Airlines 

Traveling can be a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends away from the crowded and bustling city. However, when it comes to trip planning, it can be a tricky task for some to find a reasonable fare for their reservation. Fortunately, there are few low-cost carrier airlines like WestJet Airlines that offer passengers travel services for a reasonable fare. 

Further, for passengers who wish to plan out their trip with WestJet Airlines, they can read out this article to book and manage their bookings accordingly as per the airline policies and procedures. 

Main highlights of traveling by WestJet 

Before heading on with the process to Book Westjet Airlines Reservations, it is required that the passengers have complete details about the services offered by the airline to enhance their travel experience. 

Cabin classes offered by WestJet

To make travel comfortable and relaxing, the airline provides its passengers with various travel cabin classes that one can pick as per their requirement and budget.

1. Economy 

For the passengers traveling by economy they are offered some of the finest services onboard to make their travel better that include relaxing seats, entertainment, and dining services onboard. 

2. Premium Economy

For those who don’t mind spending some extra money on their reservations can opt for booking flight tickets with a premium economy that and avail the listed services: 

  • Exclusive snacks and beverages onboard
  • The benefit of traveling with 2 checked baggage, priority check-in and boarding
  • Relaxing seating with extra legroom
  • Amenity kits, soft blankets, and pillows during the long haul flights

3. Business 

Further, for who wish to seek the premium services on board, they can book business class WestJet Airlines reservations and get access to enhanced travel services that include the following: 

  • Private pods with lie-in seating
  • Welcome beverage with flexible dining options
  • 18.5-inch screen monitor with internet connectivity along with noise-free headphones
  • Priority services at the airport with access to VIP lounges
  • Amenity kit and special rewards for WestJet Reward program members

Baggage allowance of WestJet Airlines 

While planning a trip with airlines, most passengers are worried about the baggage limit of the airlines. So, here are some of the major points of the baggage policy that one needs to know before confirming Westjet Airlines Reservations and manage their baggage accordingly. 

  • As stated in the policy, the passenger is permitted to carry one carry-on bag with one personal item in the cabin. 
  • However, the total dimension of these bags should not exceed the maximum dimension of 35 linear inches.
  • Further, for the checked baggage, the passenger can carry a maximum of 4 bags with a total of 23 Kg. 
  • Also, the total dimension of the checked baggage should not exceed 62 linear inches. 
  • For passengers who wish to travel with excess baggage or oversized baggage, they are required to pay some additional fees. 
  • Lastly, there is a list of restricted items that one can check on the official website.

Hence, by keeping these simple pointers in mind one can easily manage their baggage before the departure. 

Booking reservations with WestJet

Well, the procedure to book Westjet Airlines Reservations have become simpler after the introduction of an online booking system. So, for those who are not aware of how to book their reservations online, they can check out the steps listed below. 

  • Click on the Flights option to initiate the booking process. 
  • Now, mention the flight type and From/To locations for the reservations. 
  • Then, enter the travel date with the total number of people traveling. 
  • After that, click on the Get Flights option to proceed with the booking process. 
  • Further, pick a flight for booking the reservations and provide the details of the passenger traveling. 
  • Once the booking details are confirmed, the passenger can make an online payment for the reservations and confirm the booking. 

Managing booked reservations with WestJet

There are times where there are slight changes in the travel plan and passengers might need to modify their booked Westjet Airlines Reservations. So, in such cases, the passenger can use the manage trip service of WestJet to modify the booking. However, before heading on with the process, one needs to keep these conditions in mind: 

  • All changes to the reservation should be made to the reservations 24 hours before the actual departure of the flight. 
  • For flight change/ upgrade, the passenger is required to make payment for the fare difference to confirm the alternative flight. 
  • And in case of cancellation, the passenger might need to pay a cancellation fee, only if the flight ticket is cancelled after 24 hours of the booking, and the booking was made within one week of departure. 

Process to manage booked WestJet flight ticket

  • For managing a WestJet flight ticket, the passenger needs to click on the Manage flight option. 
  • Then, for retrieving the booking, the passenger is required to provide the reservation code and last name of the passenger. 
  • And once the booking is retrieved, the passenger can select a service for their bookings like flight change or cancellation. 
  • If the passenger has opted for flight change, then they need to select an alternative flight. 
  • However, in case of an upgrade, they simply require to select an upgraded cabin class. 
  • And once the upgraded cabin class or alternative flight is confirmed, the passenger needs to make payment for the fare difference. 
  • But, if the passenger has opted for cancellation, then they simply need to confirm the cancellation prompt. 

Thus, this is complete information on how one can easily book and manage Westjet reservations and plan their trip accordingly. 


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