• 06 Jun, 2024
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Does Delta have a cancellation policy?

Delta Airlines is one of the reputed airlines in the US, providing customer-centric policies and services. While you book a ticket with Delta, if it needs to be canceled, specific terms and conditions apply, also termed as Delta cancelation policy. Per the policy, unless your ticket is booked with Delta directly, you can cancel it via the website or call center. Besides, if the booking is made via a third party, contact your agent, and they will cancel the ticket. Does Delta have a cancellation policy? The short answer is yes. In the article, you will explore further details about Delta Air Lines Cancellation Policy and associated details. So let's get started. 

Delta Airlines Cancelation Policy- Highlights 

If the departure date is one week later or more, you can cancel the Delta ticket for free within 24 hours of booking. If you fail, a Delta cancelation fee applies based on various factors. 

Non-refundable Delta tickets are not eligible for a refund if you cancel them after the risk-free period. You get a refund for a refundable Delta ticket after deducting the cancelation fee when you cancel it even after the risk-free period. 

If the reason for cancelation is the death or bereavement of a close family member or passengers, Delta may waive the charges and provide a refund, irrespective of fare condition. However, you need to submit proof or certification before departing. 

If you miss the flight and forget to cancel it before boarding, the ticket value is forfeited, and you are considered a no-show. 

If Delta cancels the ticket and you do not want to board the flight anymore, Delta may provide you a refund for the unused ticket value. 

Does Delta provide a 24-hour cancelation policy? 

Yes! If you are traveling to or from the US and the departure date is seven days away, Delta gives you 24 hours from booking to cancel the ticket without paying any fee. In that case, a full refund will be credited to your original payment method. Also know that Can you cancel a Delta flight without penalty?

How do you cancel a flight ticket with Delta Airlines? 

If the booking is made by Delta, you can cancel it via the website or by phone. The online method is simple and convineineet; these are the steps given:

  • Visit the Delta official website and log in to the account 
  • Find out the Manage Booking section, enter the confirmation number and surname
  • Select the ticket for cancelation and provide a valid reason for it 
  • Click on 'Cancel Reservation' option and proceed 
  • You can follow the prompt and pay for the cancelation charges in case applicable 
  • Your booking will be canceled soon, and once it is done, the notification will be shared

Conclusion: Delta Airlines provides a cancelation policy that suggests you can canacle tickets with Delta subject to the fare rules and associated terms and conditions. You can cancel the Delta booking via the website or phone; a cancelation fee may also apply based on various external factors. To learn more about Delta Air Lines's cancellation policy, contact the Delta agent or visit the website.