• 03 Jun, 2024
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Is it possible to cancel a Delta flight without incurring a penalty? 

Due to doleful circumstances or etc, if you have to cancel your dream vacation then it can be heart-wrenching, if you have a flight with Delta that you want to cancel then there might be chances that being unaware of the free cancellation process you might pay hefty charges. For the appropriate support with respect to Delta no cancellation charges, here is all you need to know.   

Mention the Delta Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy  

After the booking of the flight, if there are changes in your plans, then you can avail 24 hour cancellation policy of the airlines and avoid submitting the fees that you may have to pay for the cancellation of the flight. So, go through the points that are mentioned in the following lines: 

  • If any passenger cancels their Delta flight, within the 24 hours of booking the flight and the departure date of the flight should be at least 168 hours from the time of the cancellation of the Delta flight.  
  • If you have bought Delta flight ticket by utilizing your SkyMiles reward account and cancels the ticket then 24 hours rule will not be applied. 
  • Traveling in a group with at least 9 passengers then after cancellation, you will not be eligible to get benefitted by the 24-hour cancellation rule. 
  • In addition, if Delta flight origin is to and from US and Canada and you decided to cancel the flight, then you are entitled to take advantage of the 24-hour risk-free cancellation process.  
  • Any kind of Delta flight ticket qualifies for the 24-hour free cancellation program. Read more about Delta cancellation policy.

What are the charges to cancel a Delta flight?  

Delta Airlines offers different services to their passengers, those who come from all over the world. Some of the time passengers may have to make changes in their pre-scheduled plan, then in that condition they must know about whether the after cancellation they qualify for the free cancellation or charges will be imposed on them, execute the steps listed here: 

  • Any ticket cancelled within one day of the booking of flight, then no charges will be demanded from airlines. 
  • A non-refundable ticket, if cancelled after the risk-free duration, then the airlines may ask them to submit the prices in between from USD 0 to USD 500. 
  • Non-refundable fares flights of Delta cancelled within 24 hours of the takeoff, then the charges for cancelling the flight will rage from 0 USD to 500 USD.   

How can I cancel a Delta flight? 

A passenger who wants the cancellation within a few minutes, they need to move towards the website of Delta Airlines, however, if they are not able to search the process then a comprehensive guide for canceling the flight on Delta is given in the below points:  

  • In your browser, you need to visit the authorized site of Delta. 
  • My Trips option must be selected here. 
  • Fill the confirmation number, last and first name of the passengers. 
  • Click on the search button and regain access of the flight. 
  • Pick the Delta flight that you want to cancel. 
  • Hit the cancel button, clear your cancellation charges if applicable.