• 13 May, 2024
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Does Alaska Airlines do bereavement fares?

Alaska is the USA's 5th largest air carrier, focusing on top-quality airline services. Most travelers wonder whether Alaska allows bereavement fare types and what are the correct ways to obtain it. Alaska is one of those Airlines that understands travelers' emergencies, but its website has no official records about bereavement fares. Bereavement fares are commonly used when travelers have some severe illness or a recent death in their close family. Travelers may even try to reach Alaska customer support to get the proper help for the bereavement fares.

What are the various policies for Alaska bereavement fares?

Before using the bereavement fares on an Alaska flight, you should inquire about its existence and the related rules. Also, Alaska bereavement fares are applicable only under some conditions, as elaborated below in points.

  • Alaska Airlines allows bereavement fares only if you are its loyal members and have genuine reasons.
  • Alaska offers only 10% discounts on the lowest available fares within seven days of an immediate family member's death.
  • The bereavement fares are valid only when you have purchased Alaska tickets from its official website or by contacting its customer agents.
  • This facility will not be allowed if your earlier ticket purchase is from any third-party website or travel agency.
  • Some necessary documents must be submitted to use the bereavement fares on Alaska flights as per the rules.
  • Under the Alaska bereavement fare conditions, you can reschedule the tickets to any new date without additional penalty.
  • Further, Alaska Airlines does not match the ticket price outside seven days of the original departure in case of bereavement fare.

What members are included under the Alaska bereavement fare?

Alaska Airlines bereavement fares will apply only to passengers' immediate family members. Some of the closed immediate family members' relations are mentioned below for passengers' assistance.

  • Spouse or domestic partners
  • Children
  • Father 
  • Mother
  • Grandparents
  • Maternal grandparents
  • Legal guardian with judgments correct proof 
  • Siblings
  • Aunt
  • Uncle
  • Nieces
  • Nephew
  • Son in law
  • Daughter in law
  • First cousins

What documents are required to get bereavement fares on Alaska flights?

Some essential documents are required to get the bereavement fares when booking a flight on Alaska Airlines. The required documents that can be used here are mentioned below in points.

  • For bereavement fares, you can share the death certificate of the deceased member.
  • You can also submit proof of medical illness from close family members.
  • Relations to the deceased
  • Funeral home, hospital, and contact number in the form of documents., 
  • Deceased member's name.
  • Doctors' names, if applicable, who handle deceased treatments.

Does Alaska Airlines bereavement fares are valid for all routes?

Alaska Airlines' bereavement fares can primarily be used by passengers traveling from the USA. They have to inform us about it along with the essential documents and ask for discounted airfare. The airline representatives will check their eligibility and help regarding the bereavement discounted cost for flight booking. Passengers can even inquire about bereavement airfare on particular routes by calling the customer agents. However, Alaska does not guarantee bereavement fare availability because it depends on various other items and conditions. 

Is it possible to get bereavement fares on Alaska partner Airlines?

Yes, Alaska allows its bereavement fares to all of its significant partner Airlines, including Horizon, SkyWest, and PenAir flights. While making reservations on Alaska or its partner Airlines with bereavement fares, ensure its availability and correct procedures. Also, discounted tickets for bereavement will not be allowed once travel has begun on the given path.

Hence, it is difficult to predict that Alaska directly allows bereavement fares to all eligible passengers because no such records are available on its official website. But, in case of emergency, you may request Alaska or its partner Airlines for bereavement fares, which are also subject to various relevant policies.