• 03 Jul, 2024
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Incident: Mother Removed from United Airlines Flight

Jenna Longoria, a widowed mother of a 16-month-old son, claimed that she was prevented from boarding the United Airlines flight. In this recent incident, she was traveling with her mother and 16-month-old son from Francisco to Austin, and the United Airlines staff kicked her off the flight on Wednesday because she mistakenly referred to a female employee as a male. 

When the incident happened, the widowed mother was all concerned about her 75-year-old mother and son back home. However, the viral footage shared by Jenna shows the moment when the United Airlines operations Manager, Gabriella Chidon, denied access to boarding over what came out of her mouth. Longoria shares that chiefdom Thus, United Airlines claimed in a statement that the women were kicked off due to the issues with a carry-on bag, while Longoria shares that the carry-on issue was resolved before the Airline staff Chidon informed her that she would not be able to board the flight.

Longoria shared that she was concerned with her carry-ons as her mother, who had come to help her, was not allowed to pre-board the flight with her and her son. While entering the plane, Longoria encounters a male attendant and asks him for help, saying, ' Can you help me? He will not let my mother through.' 

United Airlines Flight Attendant became upset and asked Longoria who he was. That's a woman who is wearing a dress. Then the flight attendant kicked off the flight misgendering as he didn't like what I said, he said I can deny you entrance, and someone will assist you. She added that she continuously apologized and told him she was not versed with pronouns and was concerned about carrying her son and carry-ons, but that didn't make any difference. She claims that Chidon didn't offer any alternative flight or additional information.