• 15 May, 2024
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Can I change my ticket with Avianca?

Along with all the multiple services, Avianca offers a flight change mode, where you can reschedule your flight according to your requirements. If you doubt it, "Can you change a flight once it's booked? Yes, you can change your scheduled flight even after making your reservation. There, you can provide the details about your next traveling date, and the agent from Airlnes will help you with the proceedings.

What are the modes to change my Avianca Airlines flight ticket?

There are several ways to change your scheduled flight with Avianca Airlines. You can do it through the airline's official website, by connecting with an airline representative over the phone, or at the Airport. To learn more about each mode, look at the information mentioned below.


Change your flight ticket through the website.

To change your flight, you can proceed by rescheduling it through the airline's official website. Enter all your details in the provided space per the requirements, and the airline will help you reschedule the flight. To learn more about this mode, focus on the steps mentioned below.

  • Head to the Manage Booking page on Avianca Airlines' official website.
  • In the space, note the passenger's last name and PNR number.
  • Click on the flight change option and mention your flight details as requested.
  • Enter the rescheduled date, destination, and other necessary information.
  • Press the submit option, and you will receive a confirmation message in your email.

Method 2.

Reschedule your Avianca flight over the phone.

If you encounter any glitches when changing your flight with Avianca Airlines through the website, you can change your flight by calling the airline's customer support. Speak to the agent directly on the phone and offer the necessary information to request a reschedule. For further information, look at the below steps.

  • Dial the Avianca Airlines customer care phone number: 1 866 919 0081.
  • Choose your language and press the button for fight change from the IVR.
  • Provide your flight details to the agent, including the details about your rescheduled flight.
  • Make the confirmation by paying the Avianca flight change fee with a card.
  • You will receive a confirmation text on the phone with the details of your flight changes.

What is the Avianca Airlines 24-hour flight change policy?

Avianca Airlines offers you a 24-hour flight change policy that holds up the terms and conditions regarding the flight change process; the following are:

  • As per Avianca Airlines' 24-hour flight changes policy, if you change your scheduled flight within 24 hours of your reservation time, the airline will grant you a free flight change.
  • When the changes for your Avianca flight have been made after 24 hours from your flight booking time, you have to pay the Flight change fee to their lines. Also read Avianca cancellation policy.

How much does Avianca charge to change the flight ticket?

As per the Avianca Airlines flight change policy, if you change your flight after the prescribed window, you have to pay the airline a flight change fee, which depends upon your flight type and destination. However, it varies from 500 USD to 700 USD.