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Why should you travel by AirAsia?

Today AirAsia has become a forerunner in the aviation industry. Even in the pandemic period they have attained the confidence of the people. AirAsia has a very effective framework of booking –cancellation/rebooking-refund procedures which makes things more lucid for the passengers . AirAsia has a proper mechanism of customer support and issues resolving sections which makes the airline more effective. In the pandemic period AirAsia has managed to maintain strict guidelines of hygiene and  social distancing so as to avoid any kind of insecurity in the passenger’s thoughts. Use of anti corona equipment is also a part of the regulations of the guidelines. The airlines also provide every possible assistance any time by means of its efficient customer support be it hygiene-customer support – booking facility- on time arrival or any other service required during the trip.

AirAsia Manage Flight booking

A copy of your booking itinerary shall be sent to the registered email address . You will be able to view and print your booking, or check in through this step.

If you wish to make changes in it, you need to have a BIG Member account and follow the following guidelines -

  • If you are already a BIG Member:

 The BIG member facility has been provided for the passengers to take maximum benefits from AirAsia. The BIG members are treated by the airlines on priority basis.

You need to proceed to “Manage My Booking” logging in through your e mail

click on “View other bookings” after  scrolling to the bottom of “My Bookings”  to view the other bookings .

In the next screen – click on “Link” in the“BOOKING(S) FOUND”,

Select “OK” when get the message prompt

Then you will see “Booking has been linked to your member account” after successful linking of the account.  Henceforth  proceed to  “Manage My Booking”  in order to view your bookings.

You may choose  “Modify” or “Check-In”  if required.

  • If you wish to do your booking from selected travel websites and agencies approved by AirAsia

Your flight bookings can be searched and managed in case you have made your booking from AirAsia approved selected travel websites and agencies.

  • In case of not being a BIG Member:

Use the previously used email to register as a BIG Member. After successful registration follow steps “1-6” mentioned above

  • In case you don't find your booking

AirAsia has drafted a separate portfolio for these kinds of problems. In case the passengers face with the problem of not able to track their bookings they need to retrieve an online bank statement to check if any transactions took place , and:

If no transactions took place in 45 minutes from the time of your booking, the transaction shall not be deemed to be successful and you will need to make a new booking.

If the transaction was charged, the wrong email address may have been entered while making  the booking. You need to chat with AirAsia’s Customer Support agents.

The following booking changes can be made in My Bookings on the AirAsia website.

Date and Time of Flights

Guest details – filling up the details is a simple task for everyone. However, sometimes passengers fill up wrong details in the detail form. Only AirAsia allows correction of gender status. You need to chat with AVA(AirAsia Virtual Allstar) in order to amend your name spelling or date of birth and select “Change of Guest’s Details” after making changes in “Booking Changes”. The rest of the procedure shall remain as it was after the correction of the wrong details being filled up by the passengers during the time of initial form filling on the website of Air Asia.  

Feel free to reach out to AirAsia customer care

A fair, effective and efficient complaints management system has been executed by Air Asia . They receive feedback and complaints about their products, services, systems, procedures and practices. Air Asia is committed to being accessible and responsive to every  approach with complaints. We will take complaints against the actions of the staff and the service providers

All complaints are implemented through the complaints management system. Where a complaint involves multiple areas within the organisation, the person making the complaint and/or their representative will be coordinated. Where a complaint involves multiple organisations, work will be done  with other organisations to ensure that communication with the person making the complaint and/or their representative is clear and coordinated.

In order to process a compliment or complaint, you should click on the “Chat with AVA '' icon or the chat bubble located on the Customer Support page. If you are using the AirAsia Mobile App, simply launch the app, click on the chat bubble, and then click on Air Asia Support - Live Chat.

Once AVA(AirAsia Virtual Allstar) pops out, following steps should be followed-

  1. click on "Feedback" IN AVA menu,.
  2. Select "Compliment" or "Complaint " IN feedback -
  3. Select the sub-category ‘SERVICE’ related to your feedback –
  4. Henceforth type "Compliment for Excellent Ground Staff " in the subject.
  5. Type your Booking Number and just type in "NA" if you have none,
  6. Provide  your email address.
  7. In case of multiple journeys in the Booking Number, select the journey that you would like to give feedback for.
  8. Click at the given link for feedback submission.
  9. Provide a supporting document to attach with your feedback?

At the end you will receive your case reference number and an email  shall be sent to the email address  you had provided earlier . Reference number can be used to activate your’ My Cases account’ to follow up with your submitted feedback.

Note: AVA is always open for instant response 24*7.

The numbers +91 80 4666 2222. & +91 80 6766 2222 are Open 24 hours. Monday to Sunday.

How to Request Refund from AirAsia?

Booking and cancellations of tickets is a process which every airline tries not to haggle around with. Air Asia has drafted out a predefined procedure of cancelling the tickets along with facility of refund.

In case of refund  you need to chat with their digital assistant- AVA (Air Asia Virtual Allstar). On the lower right corner of your screen, look for the floating button with a female avatar. On the mobile version, you need to click the HELP icon first before it reveals AVA. 

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on the AVA button.
  3. As soon as a chat box appears type ‘REFUND’ in it.
  5. Opt for the type of refund that applies to you
  6. Read the reminders  of AVA.
  7. Enter the booking code of 6 letters. Refunds due to flight cancellation or reschedule doesn't need anything to be submitted. For duplicate booking, you need to enter the booking number of the second booking. For double payment, you will have to submit a credit card statement or bank transaction statement, whichever applies to you.

Select your preferred  form of refund : in your credit account or in the original form of payment.

Follow the instructions given by AVA. Your contact information and other details may be asked.

Refunds of fare, surcharges, taxes, and terminal fees will be initiated.

Who can Request to get a refund from AirAsia?

AirAsia takes special care that the passengers don't face any kind of inconvenience during the trip. The booking- refundable and non-refundable are bifurcated beforehand and the procedure is too crystal clear for any passenger to face any difficulty. It should be noted that all bookings are not refundable. If you purchased your ticket from a promo or a seat sale, the possibility of it being non-refundable is high.

However, in a few instances a refund has been provided. Process of refund can be initiated in the following cases-

If AirAsia cancels your flight

If AirAsia reschedules your flight with at least a 3-hour difference

When you are charged twice for the same booking having the same booking number

In case of duplicate booking  when you booked twice the same flight (with the same flight number, guests, and travel dates)

If you are unfit to travel due to serious injury, serious illness, or you are carrying a pregnancy of more than 35 weeks.

In case of death of the guest or immediate family member of the guest.

In addition to this , you can also get a refund (in full or in a portion of your payment) if you’re flying to, from, or within countries with local refund laws that supersede the airline’s usual policies. Some countries process the refund request as long as it’s within the allowed time period as in South Korea, Indonesia (domestic), India (domestic) and the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions about AirAsia Airlines

How can I book an Air Asia ticket?

Air Asia offers you a wide range of options to book tickets. Like all others AirAsia is active on digital platforms .  You can access the website ( or mobile application to access the platform of online ticketing. In case of inconvenience you can get access to the agents register under Air Asia . A copy of your booking information will be sent to the registered email address that was entered during booking. You will be able to view and print your ticket, or check in the airport from that platform.

If you wish to make changes in your booking , it is mandatory to have a BIG Member account.

How can I talk to Air Asia customer care?

The customer support of Air Asia works effectively to resolve the queries of the customers. Particularly speaking, the sole aim of Air Asia customer support is to answer all the questions of the passengers to enable them a smooth flight . you can call on the toll free number or mail them. Proper resolution of your query shall soon be provided for the smooth journey of the passengers. They have developed a very effective and efficient complaints management system. It is accessible to every complaint against staff or service providers and ticket booking/ cancellation/ rebooking as well.

AVA is always open for communication by the passengers. In case of telephonic conversation , call +91804666222 and +9180676622222 . This helpline is open for 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

How can I upgrade my seat in AirAsia?

The upgrade service in the following conditions:

If You are a passenger with a valid AirAsia and you wish to upgrade your booked seat  then you need to follow the following procedures-

  1. Air Asia will send you an offer email:
  2.  Use the “Request Now” present on EDM : 
  3. Proceed with the option of  “Booking Number” and “Family Name/Surname” and click “Continue”:
  4. Proceed with the upgrade procedure mentioned on the portal and click “Continue”.
  5. Put in the details, then click “Continue”:
  6. You will receive an Email notification

How can I chat with Air Asia?

Air Asia provides an open platform of AVA to chat with the customers 24*7. It is a user-friendly feature available in English and a few other languages. Sole aim of the airlines is to provide a 24*7 customer support to the people who wish to interact with the airline without any hindrance. The AVA feature is an automated solution window for the customers . It is laden with predefined solutions to some common problems which are provided to the customers upon their arrival on the platform. This facility enables the airlines to build confidence among the customers.

How can I get a refund from Air Asia?

In order to get a refund from Air Asia you need to go to my bookings sections where you shall cancel your booking. Soon after this you shall generate a ticket number for further use. A notification shall be forwarded to your mail id which shall be used for future use.  The details shall be specified on the portal itself. Refunds shall soon be credited to your account (which had been used at time of booking of the ticket.

How many Bags are allowed in AirAsia?

Passengers  are permitted to carry two pieces of cabin baggage on board comprising  either:

One cabin baggage or one laptop bag or one handbag or one small bag. The baggage restriction has increased since the pandemic period began. The airline is dedicated to safe passage of the passengers.


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