• 17 Jun, 2024
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Accumulated information on choosing the seat on Air France.

Traveling to your desired destination with Air France is always a memorable experience as they will provide you with different services and facilities. To make your travel more convenient, the airlines also provide seat selection options, as the service varies according to the seats. There are different seating types available on Air France, like front row seats, window seats, extra legroom, etc., where you will need to choose the seat that provides your services according to your preference. While selecting the seat, you will need to follow certain policies and make the selection well in advance; if you do not have information about the seat selection on Air France, then you will need to go through the information below.

What are Air France's seat selection policies?

You will need to follow different policies while selecting a seat on Air France. Knowing about these policies is essential as it will inform you whether you need to pay the seat selection cost. If you do not have information about the Air France seat selection policies, you must go through the below.

  • If you make the seat selection within 24 hours or if you are a frequent flyer member of the airline, you can do so without paying any additional charges.
  • You can only select seats from the vacant option. If a seat is not vacant, the airline will not allow you to make the selection.
  • If you do not make the seat selection until check-in, Air France will automatically allot you a seat, and you will need to pay certain charges to modify that seat.
  • Pregnant women, minor passengers, disabled passengers, etc, are not allowed to choose a seat in the front row of the cabin, near the emergency exit, or restroom.
  • If a disabled passenger wants a specific seat, they must show genuine documents related to their health, and they can choose any seat.
  • Passengers will need to carry luggage according to their selected class or seat type. If they want to carry more luggage, they will need to pay additional charges.

How do I choose my seat on Air France?

Air France offers you different mediums through which you can choose a seat on Air France, but the most convenient medium of making the seat selection is by using the official website; the online option is beneficial as you can check the available seats from the seat map of the airlines. The online option is available for 24 hours on the Air France website, but in case you do not have information about the process, you will need to go through it below.

  • Search for the official website of Air France
  • Open the manage booking tap and mention your last name with the PNR number
  • Following that, choose the seat selection section and select the seat from the available options
  • After that, you must save the information, and if there are any charges available, then pay them
  • Doing that, the airlines will send you an email to make the seat selection.

When can I choose my seat on Air France?

You can make the seat selection on Air France 24 hours before the departure of the flight. You can do that by using the official website, communicating with the representative, or reaching the airline counter. But remember that selection within the Air France official website opens 2 hours before the departure, so try to select the seat within the provided duration.

With the help of the above information, you will learn about the Air France seat assignment. Still, if you are looking for more information or if any query remains unsolved, then you can also reach out to the Air France official website as their representative regularly posts updates there.