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What documentation is required for traveling with my dog on Delta Airlines?

When you are traveling with your pet and need to make bookings with Delta Airlines, then you need to be well-informed about the pet policy and other things related to it. Carrying a pet to the fight includes multiple challenges, as there are always chances of the pet being denied at the time of check-in. This can be avoided as you just have to be well informed about all the rules and regulations that the airline has issued in order to travel with a pet. Once you are informed about these conditions and follow them carefully, all the inconveniences can be avoided, and one of them includes carrying the documents that will be required to fly with a pet such as the fit to fly certificate, ticket, etc.

What is the pet policy of Delta Airlines?

The airline has a number of terms and conditions that have been added to the pet policy of the Airline so you can get through them carefully and enlighten yourself. Once you are informed about the policy, all the troubles can easily be avoided:

  • The age of your pet should be at least 8 weeks at the time of traveling for all domestic flights.
  • When it comes to traveling internationally with a pet, then the age limit increases to 15 to 16 weeks.
  • Two pets of the same breed might be permitted to travel together in the same kennel; however, they should be small in size.
  • Two pets traveling in a single Kennel will be charged a single-pet price.
  • The kennel in which you are carrying the pet should be under the dimensions of 18''×11''×11'' and should not cross the limit.
  • If the Kennel crosses the size limit mentioned by the airline, it can be rejected.
  • Your kennel needs to fit under the seat space in front of you as you cannot put it on the lap.
  • You need to inform the airline beforehand if you are traveling with a pet.
  • Having a fit-to-fly certificate from the Doctors is mandatory as only then will the airline permit traveling.
  • If the pet is having any health issues, then make sure you inform the Airline prior to the scheduled departure.
  • On the service, dogs are allowed to travel in a cabin with Delta.
  • Make sure the pet is secured and comfortable in the Kennel with a soft bed and other required things.
  • Keep tracking the dog and ensure that it remains under the Kennel throughout the journey.

How can I add a pet to my Delta bookings?

You can book flight tickets for the pet anytime on the official airline webpage. After the reservation, any modifications to the booking can be made, and the process has been given:

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Click on Flights and put all the journey details, such as the locations, classes, dates, and times.
  • Then, tap on Add and select Pet from the given options.
  • A small form will appear; fill in all the required details about your pet.
  • Submit the form and then make the payments to confirm the booking.