• 20 May, 2024
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Learn appropriate details about United Airlines Kids Policy.

United Airlines delivers the latest travel deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars on its official website. Therefore, it could be challenging if you fly with kids, but United Airlines will provide significant guidance and help you plan a trip with your kids efficiently. If you ask Is United Airlines is kid-friendly, you may travel with your families with children under two years old and get the facility to board with our pre-boarding group. When you are at the airport, a gate agent will announce you to get on the plane smoothly. So, to make your travel more suitable with your kids, go through the authentic details. 

What is the United Airlines Kids Policy?

United Airlines provides significant facilities to travel with your kids efficiently. Hence, when flying with your kids on United Airlines, you need to know the kid's policy to avoid unnecessary trouble during your trip below.

  • When you travel with a lap child under two on a United Airlines domestic flight, you don't need to purchase any ticket; you must have valid documents and a passport.
  • If you fly with your kids between the US, Canada, and Mexico, you must purchase a flight ticket and pay only taxes.
  • When you book a round-trip flight and travel with a two-year-old child, you need to purchase a seat and select an approved car seat for your infant.
  • If you travel with a family with children under 12, it will be better to book Economy and Basic Economy seats so you can sit next to your kids without any additional charges. 

Is United Airlines kid-friendly?

Yes, United Airlines is Kid-friendly and provides the best seats for those who travel with children under the age of 12. You can sit with your family and kids and enjoy your flight journey comfortably. You can check the airline seat map to adjust your seats when booking your Basic Economy or Economy flight. You can select the non-stop flight when traveling with children ages 5 to 14 and use the airline's unaccompanied minor services. You can quickly meet with the pilots, who generally escort you to their seats, and flight attendants provide you with all possible services for your kids throughout the journey. Read more about whether United Airlines allow 12-year-olds to fly alone?

What is the United Airlines rule for children?

When you plan your tour to your intended destination with your kids, you need to understand the United Airlines rules for children. Get the significant rules below to make your flight journey awesome with your kids. 

  • When your kids travel alone, it is essential to check in at the airport and ensure contact details are correct. 
  • You can easily get one car seat and one stroller or folding wagon at the gate or ticket counter for free per child you’re traveling with.
  • When you fly with children under 18 on a domestic flight, you don't need to show any ID but must have documents, but for international flight journeys, you must have a passport. 
  • You will get permission to bring breast or formula milk through security, and be sure to meet the TSA guidelines and plan your kid's trip amazingly.