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What is the size limit and fee for baggage in Avianca?

Once you have made a reservation with Avianca Airlines and prepared for everything that is crucial for traveling, the main concern you will have is the baggage. You must be fully aware of the airline's luggage guidelines to avoid any inconvenience while boarding the flight. You can also contact the customer service representative to get assistance with this. You need to go through the terms and conditions to check more about the baggage fees, weight, and more. The size limit and fees for baggage vary from the luggage to luggage and the ticket. We have mentioned some points in the article below to provide detailed information about the bag.

What is the size of checked baggage in Avianca?

If you are traveling with Avianca and want to carry a checked bag, you must know the weight and size of the airline's set. If you exceed the limit, Avianca may charge an amount that will depend on its weight. We will discuss the proper information for the size of checked baggage in the below-mentioned read:

  • Dimensions of your checked bag, including length, width, and height, must be 153 cm. 
  • The weight of a checked bag in economy class is 23 kg, and in business class, the weight is 32 kg.

What is the largest luggage size for check-in?

You can carry approximately 62 inches or less, considered the most oversized luggage. However, the weight, length, and height cannot exceed it. If it happens, then you need to pay extra luggage fees.

How much is a bag on Avianca?

If you need to purchase additional luggage at Avianca, the price will depend on the ticket type and how many bags you need to add. The cost varies on Avianca, and it is highlighted below:

  • If you add the luggage while booking a flight ticket with Avianca, you must pay at least 25 to 50 dollars.
  • After check-in, the airline will charge 70 to 90 dollars if you add the luggage. Click here for detailed information.

How much does it cost for checked baggage?

The price for the checked bags depends on their weight and size. On Avianca, you must pay at least 65 to 80 dollars as a checked bag charge. 

How do I add additional baggage on Avianca?

You can add the luggage by using the online process. It is one of the best and most rapid ways, and you need to go through the steps described below:

  • Access to the official web page of Avianca.
  • On the homepage, you will see the Manage My Booking option. Click on that.
  • Now, fill out the Booking Reference Code and last name of the passenger in the following section and then tap on the Continue option.
  • It will move to the new tab, and you will get the flight details. 
  • Select the Services link and click on the Baggage option.
  • Once you complete the process, the airline will send you the validation message on your mobile phone. Read in detail about size limit and fee for baggage in Avianca.

Conclusion: While traveling with Avianca, you must carry complete information for the luggage so that you do not encounter any problems during the journey.