• 08 Apr, 2024
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Fly to Paris; Have a pocket-friendly trip to different US cities.

Any expense in any field happens based on a set budget, which includes different sections of society, including the richest ones. Nobody wants to spend more out of their hard-earned income. With a limited or vast budget, everyone wants to explore cheap cities, which comes in light of boosted tourism in the US from Paris. So, to hedge your bets, the following tabs will hit the spot by providing you details about the cheapest US city or cities you can pick to fly from Paris, including budget, days, activities, and other things;

Explore the US cities in a budget-saving trend.

There are different US states you can travel to from Paris and save a lot of bucks. To explore the same, you are requested to take note of the following points that are described below; please have a look:

Washington DC.

You can Spend your days in Washington, DC, with your friends and families. Do not forget to visit the White House in the nation's capital, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Museum, etc. After this, you can explore some other advantages and keep your budget between $150 and $250. It is not as expensive as advertised in movies, blogs, etc. You must travel there between September to November or March and June.

San Antonio, Texas.

Within a budget of $30 to $150, you can have a better time in San Antonio by exploring San Fernando Cathedral, River Walk, Market Square, Towers of America, etc. Some intangible things, such as diverse cultures, physical land distribution, and others, can also be experienced. However, if you experience San Antonio between May and August, the chance of having pleasant weather is higher.

Atlanta, Georgia.

If you travel to Atlanta, flight tickets are cheaper; you can make your journey to Atlanta budgetary. Prepare your budget between $50-$250 to be there, roaming several adventurous spots, including Appalachians, etc. You will be amazed to find all these attractive spots and have a remarkable time.

Denver, Colorado.

Take a hike and explore the city. You will have to see the breathtaking views while hiking and cycling trails. If you visit the city's Botanic Garden, you will find the Red Rock Amphitheater and the Denver Art Museum. However, ensure your budget is between $60-$260 daily.

Kansas City, Missouri.

This city has many places for tourists to visit. Yet, it alone can make your trip worth it and affordable in the US, from national parks to different ancient cathedrals where you can visit and explore the beauty of their local culture. The budget you require to explore the city would be around $150 or even less.

Houston, Texas.

Natives of France, or to be precise, from its capital, Paris, are fond of luxurious hotels; keeping this in mind, Hotels in Houston will hit the spot. You can get to the top-notch hotels in Houston, where you can find pools, resorts, and more. Apart from this, one can spend noon near the prominent beaches located in the town. However, the budget window begins from $150 and can go up to $700, depending on factors.