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What is the best business credit card for airline miles?

Airlines help different facilities that will make the trip budget-friendly. Passengers can make their flight journey easy, and during holidays, flights and car rentals can be accessible cheaply through airline miles. The miles can be earned based on the number of trips and the routes taken for the journey, and these miles are offered to business credit card users. There are several business cards, but the American Express card ( blue business) offers 2 miles on every dollar spent. It can be automatically converted into cash back at the end of the first 12 months.

Apart from this, different cards are suitable for earning miles, but that also depends on how passengers spend on specific products. So, the passenger should be aware of other cards, and their information is below.

  • Ink Business Preferred credit card
  • The business platinum card from American Express
  • capital one ventures X business card
  • the blue business plus credit card from American Express
  • Ink business cash credit card
  • American Express business gold card
  • Capital One Spark Miles for business

INK business unlimited credit card

It is a simple credit card offering cashback with no annual fees or caps. It gives a bonus to first-time users.

  • annual fee is 0
  • the reward rate is around 1.5%
  • Intro offer 750$
  • credit score 690 - 850 (good to excellent)

The American Express blue business cash card

It is suitable and the most used card by entrepreneurs seeking annual fees and no-fuss cashback cards. It also provides an intro APR offer as well as cashback rewards.

  • annual fee is 0
  • rewards 1% to 2%
  • intro offers is around 250$
  • credit score 690-850 ( good to excellent )

The blue business plus credit card from American Express

It starts with an excellent intro APR offer, then racks up rewards. It is appropriate for small business owners because this will let them value membership rewards points without paying the annual fee.

  • Annual fee 0$
  • Rewards 1%-2% cash back
  • intro offers 15000 points
  • credit score 690 to 850 ( good - excellent )

Ink business cash credit card

It suits businesses that spend their dollars on office supplies, gas, restaurants, ethernet cable, and phone services

  • Annual fee 0$
  • rewards rate 1% to 5% cash back
  • Intro offer 350$
  • Credit score 690- 850

Capital One Spark Cash plus

If the passenger is a big spender, this card can receive a massive welcome bonus and that annual bonus if the spending requirements are fulfilled. The balance needs to be paid in full each month.

  • Annual fee 150$
  • rewards rate 2% to 5%
  • Intro offer $1200
  • Credit score 720 to 850

Bank of America business advantage cash rewards MasterCard credit card

With this card, you can earn 25% to 75% cash back on every transaction.

  • annual fee 0
  • rewards rate 1.5%
  • intro offer 300$
  • credit score 720-850

Benefits of having business travel cards

Flat-rate cards offer a fixed point, but these bonus business reward cards provide extra points in particular categories. So, these business credit cards are associated with specific airlines and hotel chains helping to earn the best reward values.