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What is the baggage allowance for Qatar economy class?

Qatar is one of the known luxurious flights that operate worldwide, with lavish treatment and unique service facilities for every class. If you are flying with Qatar economy class, and you are in doubt, What is the baggage allowance for economy flights? Then you should check these common baggage policies and restrictions to make your journey smooth;

  • You can carry bags up to 35 kg if you have an economy comfort ticket.
  • If you have purchased an economy convenience ticket, then you can bring up to 30 kg of baggage with you.
  • You can not carry baggage with exceeds 300 cm dimension while carrying the bag.
  • If you are carrying a handbag, then the maximum dimension should be 50*37*25 cm.
  • You are permitted to carry liquids, gels, pastes, and aerosols in your handbag which should not exceed 100ml.
  • Some electronic items are subjects for security screening such as Radio, Walkie-talkies, Laptop, Tablet, Monitor, Electric Guitar, printers or scanners, and more.
  • You need to pay some extra charges for adding extra luggage to your flight, such as for the first piece USD 150 to 200, for the second piece USD 175 to 325, and for the third piece USD 200 to 390 according to your routes.

How to add baggage to Qatar economy class?

There are so many ways to add extra baggage to Qatar economy class where a customer support member will guide you to add the extra item to your flight with fare details. Here is detailed information regarding some most common communication platforms:

  • You can call the customer support number 1877 777 2827 where all the information regarding baggage can be resolved by an executive. While making a call, you have to hear some automated voice recording and press the keypad accordingly to speak with an agent. If you need urgent attention, this is the most straightforward method available for your help.
  • You can also visit the local airport office and request a representative about the baggage adding facilities and luggage quantity to carry more important items with you while traveling to your dream location. They are accessible every time to solve your concerns and make the procedures easy and relaxing for you.
  • You can also try the virtual method to add baggage to your reservation by flicking on the official website, where you need to go to the option manage booking to sign up with your booking reference number and last name to add more baggage to travel. It is the most convenient option where you just need to sign up and send your request to add on baggage by paying additional amounts.
  • Furthermore, the live chat option will also help you to add luggage to the booking where a live agent will assist you step by step with proper explanations. It is available 24/7 daily to make your journey more convenient and enjoyable with exceptional experiences.

How much luggage is allowed in economy class?

You can carry luggage up to 20 kg for an economy lite ticket and 25 kg for an economy classic ticket while flying to any destination offered by Qatar. You can not exceed 300 cm in dimension while traveling. Not only that, but you can also check the policies and restrictions to resolve your doubts about restricted items and policies for a seamless journey.

Does Qatar Airways allow 2 bags?

Yes, Qatar Airways allows 2 bags while purchasing a ticket for first or business class where you don't need to pay any charges for it. But if you have an economy ticket, then you have to add extra baggage to carry two bags with you while traveling. You can call the customer service number or contact the customer center desk to get help with Qatar baggage policies and allowance.