• 10 Jun, 2024
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Understanding the Avianca UATP Card

Avianca UATP card is a credit card co-branded by the airline, and it is offered to passengers who take their services. The best part of this card is that by using it, the airline Passenger can earn rewards and benefits related to travel with Avianca and its partners. 

What are the key benefits of the Avianca UATP card?

  • The Avianca UATP card offers several benefits, one of which is the ability to earn Avianca Life miles for every dollar spent using the card. 
  • Passengers can enjoy exclusive perks such as priority boarding, free checked bags, and discounts on in-flight purchases. 
  • You will have access to VIP lounges at select airports and receive bonus miles for signing up and reaching a certain spending threshold. 

How can a passenger earn and redeem Avianca life miles with the UATP card? 

Cardholders earn life miles for every purchase made with the Avianca UATP card. These miles can be redeemed or earned for flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses within the Avianca network. 

Does Avianca Airlines charge annual fees for the Avianca UATP Card?

Yes, Avianca charges annual fees for the Avianca UATP card, and the amount depends on the type of service. Sometimes, the airline authentication waived for the first year can vary based on the specific card offer and the cardholder's creditworthiness. 

Can the Passenger use an Avianca UATP card to purchase the services outside of the airline?

Yes, passengers can use the Avianca UTP card to purchase services outside of the airline anywhere, but the specific place must allow the card to be used. The cardholder can purchase on Avianca and outside to earn miles on all eligible purchases. 

Is there a minimum credit score necessary to apply for the Avianca UATP card?

Yes, there is a minimum credit score requirement, and that can vary, but it has been suggested that you create an excellent credit score to qualify for the Avianca UATP card. 

How do you manage the Avianca UATP card account?

Yes, cardholders can access their UATP card account through online mode via the official website or the issuing bank's online portal. Simply log in with your credentials and get the information on your ID. This includes checking the balance, making payments, viewing transaction history, and redeeming rewards. 

Are there any travel insurance perks included with the Avianca UATP card?

Sometimes, Avianca UATP cards include travel insurance, such as trip cancellation, rental car, and travel accident insurance. Cardholders should review the specific terms and benefits of their card agreement. 

Can Passengers add authorized users to their Avianca UATP card account?

Yes, passengers can add authorized users to their Avianca UATP card account, as most credit card issues allow primary cardholders to add authorized users to their accounts. Adding authorized users helps earn more rewards and benefits; it also means that the primary cardholder will pay all the charges made by the authorized user. 

How can I apply for the Avianca UATP card?

Interested individuals can apply for the UATP card online at the Avianca website or at the airline's office or counter. The application typically requires personal information, income details, and consent for a credit check. To be approved by the airline authority, applicants must meet the credit requirements set by the issuing bank. 

How can I connect with the Avianca customer service team over the phone?

For further information, feel free to contact the Avianca customer service team. The team will provide the correct information on the UATP Avianca card. The number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.