• 22 May, 2024
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Be wise to cancel your KLM flight through 24-hour rules.  

KLM is one of the excellent flag carriers of the Netherlands, headquartered in Amstelveen. It has a central hub at nearby Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where you can plan your trip to your desired destination without facing any trouble. But if you need to cancel your flight right after booking for any reason, KLM provides you the flexibility to change and cancel your flight if you follow the 24-hour rule. It is said that when you go for the KLM 24-hour cancelation policy, you will be provided a full refund without paying any charges and avoid unnecessary trouble. But if you still need some guidance for canceling your flight, gather the necessary details accordingly. 

What is the 24-hour rule for KLM?

Generally, you can change your travel plan when you book your flight ticket on KLM Airlines and are not sure to travel at a determined date and time. As a result, if you go for the 24-hour rule to cancel your flight reservation within 24 hours of the booking, you don't need to pay any charges and request a refund shortly. Further, if you have booked your flight ticket within a week before your flight departure, you may request a refund and avoid paying any unnecessary charges. If you want to check out more details for canceling your flight on KLM Airlines, get valid points below.

  • When you cancel your flight on KLM or other airlines, the U.S. Department of Transportation has established a lifeline for free cancellations when you follow the 24-hour flight cancellation rule.
  • KLM Airlines offers a full refund if you cancel your booked flight within a 24-hour window after purchase, and other passengers get the availability of the last-minute reservation at the lowest rate. 
  • Further, if you selected a flexible flight ticket and are not sure about travel at a specific date and time, you can cancel your flight, pay the service fee only, and get a refund in the original form of payment. 
  • Non-refundable or refundable are eligible to cancel your fight within the 24-hour rule, but non-refundable will credit the total amount paid as a cancelation fee depending on fare type and rule. 
  • Apart from the 24-hour cancellation rule, if your flight is delayed more than three hours, you can reschedule your flight or cancel it to get a full refund, depending on your route, travel classes, and ticket type. 

How to cancel a flight on KLM Airlines?

If you have booked your flight ticket on KLM's official website, you can easily cancel your trip and request a refund. Your cancellation will depend on your route, travel class, and ticket type, and you will get a refund accordingly. You can cancel your KLM flight via My Trips by pursuing specific rules and requesting a refund during this process easily. Hence, it is pretty simple to cancel your flight online, but if you face any trouble, follow the easy steps below.

  • First, visit the official booking website of KLM Airlines and click on the MY Trips button.

  • Enter the booking code number and the passenger's last name, and click the confirm button.
  • Access the booking details, select the flight you want to cancel, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Click the continue button to cancel your flight, request a refund, and get the cancellation message on your phone. Get detail information about KLM Airlines' flight cancellation policy.


This way, if you have booked your flight ticket with KLM and want to postpone your journey, you can cancel your flight by going through the KLM 24-hour cancelation policy and avoid unnecessary doubts. But if you still need some travel guidance and for cancelation and refund for KLM Airlines, feel free to contact a widely expert representative to solve your issue promptly.