• 03 May, 2024
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What is a flight medical certificate? 

Most airlines require passengers to submit a medical certificate that states they are medically stable and fit to travel. There are also many travelers who require additional assistance for their journey and hence need to have medical statements specifying their requirements. There are some airlines that even ask passengers to submit a Medical information form MEDIF specifying their special needs in advance to make their trip smooth. 

Do I need a medical certificate to travel by flight? 

Yes, travelers who have any medical condition need to provide medical certificates for most of the airlines. Especially passengers who are boarding international flights must fill out the medical information form when making flight reservations. Travelers must note that they need to submit their medical forms at least 72 hours before departure of their flights. 

Why are medical certificates important? 

Medical certificates are important so that airlines can make the required arrangements for passengers who have serious medical conditions. Also, they are important to declare the person's well-being and suitability to travel. 

In which conditions do passengers need to present medical certificates to airlines? 

Travelers who are facing any medical emergencies or serious conditions need to submit documents; they must consider the following important conditions: 

  • Diabetic passengers: Travelers who are diabetic are not required to submit any medical document. They can carry their PEN-type instruments to take injections during a flight. 
  • For pregnant ladies: Most airlines allow pregnant ladies to travel without providing a medical certificate; however, if they have been pregnant for more than 32 weeks, then they are required to submit a supporting medical certificate to the airline. Read more about pregnancy policy.
  • Travelers flung with infants: Passengers who are carrying their newborn babies who are younger than 7 days on the flights are expected to provide the medical certificate of the kid along with the consent of the doctor.
  • Travelers who require medical devices for the treatment of "sleep apnoea" or other complications must provide essential certificates to the airline. 
  • Contagious infection: A passenger must have a valid medical certificate that states that they have taken adequate medication and have recovered from the disease. Also, the passenger must ensure that their illness is non-transferable. 

Things to be considered: 

Travelers who are having any medical seriousness must also take note of the following important pointers: 

  • Travelers who walk with crutches, a walker, or a stick do not need to submit a medical document. 
  • Travelers who need medicines during their trip must carry them in their carry-on bags and limit their carriage to checked-in luggage. 
  • Most airlines allow passengers to carry their mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, on the flight. 
  • Travelers who require different kinds of medical equipment must check the eligibility of transport with the respective airline. 
  • Travelers must note that though crew members are always available to assist the passengers and help them out; they are not well trained or authorized to deal with medical situations such as giving injections to diabetic passengers. 

General facts to be considered: 

  • Travelers must always avoid traveling on a flight 1-2 weeks after open surgery. 
  • Most airlines do not permit acutely disturbed patients to travel; therefore, psychotic patients are suggested not to take a flight. 
  • Passengers with diabetes must take sugar tablets and snacks to avoid any issues during their trip. 
  • All those who have undergone any recent ear surgery or infection must avoid travel or must have a validating certificate signed by an ENT specialist. 
  • Anamic passengers must consider in-flight oxygen

Conclusion: Travelers must take note of the above-mentioned information if they are facing any medical condition. By going through the information, you will be cleared of the question "What is a medical document?"; in which condition do you have to submit medical documents and when can you travel without providing the documents?