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Grab details to travel with a pregnant lady:

Traveling with a pregnant lady or while pregnant can be stressful if you are not flying with an airline with the best interests in mind for a seamless travel experience. Most airlines have limited restrictions on traveling during pregnancy unless you do not suffer from serious health complications or have been advised by the doctor to prevent travel on a flight during your pregnancy. Herein, the details specifically on; Can you travel internationally 7 months pregnant?; have been provided, along with the information on various aspects related to the same, which would help you better understand the process of making a safe travel.

Is there a pregnancy policy that airlines follow?

Yes, there are certain policies formulated by the airline, which you need to adhere to in case you would like to make a seamless travel during the pregnancy, which is:

  • Almost all the airlines allow you to travel with them for a maximum of 36 weeks of pregnancy, which can also be up to 32 weeks, depending on the health conditions.
  • The airline doesn't allow pregnant women to travel in an airline by selection of seats in the emergency exit rows. You should choose the aisle seat or front seat in an airline whenever you travel.
  • There is a restriction on travel for pregnant women to international destinations where they get to fly only till 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • The certificate from the doctor that gets submitted needs to have a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 7 days difference from the flight's departure time with the specific airline.
  • A strict no-travel is out on the pregnant woman who has had multiple abortions, has fragile health conditions, or is carrying twins or triplets. The restriction is put as it would be risky for the mother and baby to fly.

Can we travel in flight during the 7th month of pregnancy?

Yes, the airline allows you to travel for 7 months of your pregnancy with them, given that there is no specific issue you are facing related to pregnancy that restricts you from traveling. Even so, some airlines require you to submit a fit-to-fly certificate from an Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, to be validated for the flight that needs to be taken.

What happens if the baby is born on a flight?

Under most of the scenarios, when the baby is born on the flight, they automatically get the citizenship of their parents. Apart from the same, they are bound to get the citizenship of the country to which the airline is registered.

How to book a flight for a pregnant woman?

The most sought-after mode to reserve a flight for a pregnant woman is through the official website. Here, you can directly book through the provided Book a Flight option. You need to enter all the details to find the flight options. Once you select the relevant flight of choice, you will be directed to the airline's booking page, where you can find the space to fill in the passenger details. Accordingly, fill in the information as needed. The team will check eligibility to fly.