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What does a dummy flight booking entail?

A dummy flight booking refers to making a reservation similar to a round trip in which you can make a form and go back to the trip plan to the original departure country. A dummy ticket is not precisely a confirmed ticket; instead, it is a kind of travel document that contains details of the travel itinerary.

What is the use of a dummy ticket?

The dummy tickets are usually for applying for visas, or they have been shown to use a proof of return ticket. Most of the embassy asks for evidence of a roundtrip flight reservation because it will ensure the authorities that you will not overstay your Visa and will get back to your country before the expiration date. As you know, the roundtrip has the departure and arrival schedules to be a convincing document for the Visa; otherwise, it would mean less without any return times to your destination.

Is it safer to use a Dummy flight at the time of Visa?

No, it is not suitable if you use the dummy flight ticket without the return schedule on it at the time of the Visa process because it will act as an incomplete reservation, and some necessary action will taken. So you need to book a dummy flight ticket that includes departure and arrival times to your home destination, which may help you generate the Visa. However, it may not be necessary for the embassy or consulate to issue a visa; depending on the situation, the authority will ask you for the other documents with the flight itinerary.

You need to be careful and ensure the requirements are met. You can take some suitable steps to make the visa process easy and get your work done as soon as possible.

First, you need to decide on the visa length because the embassy or consultant will provide you with the Visa based on the flight itinerary. The authority will ensure that you get the Visa for a more extended period so that you can stay for longer, and you need to make sure about return timings properly so that you will not remain after your Visa expires.

Second, you can decide which embassy or consultants you are applying to. It would be best to ensure the embassy has a helpful staff and that the reviews are good. The staff are professional and provide Visas for different time durations based on your dummy flight ticket.

How can I check that the flight ticket that has been booked is the dummy?

You can check whether your booking flight ticket is a dummy or not. You can connect to the airline's customer service staff through different modes of contact, such as an offline approach, which is a phone call, or you can take the online way, which is email or live chat.

After connecting with the representative, you must provide them with the PNR number. Based on that, the team will give you the booking status.

You can use the airline's official site or app developed by the team to check the status of dummy tickets.

It would be best to keep your PNR hand so there is no delay while getting the update Of your PNR.

Is a Dummy ticket legal or not ?

Yes, the Dummy ticket is legal. You can consider it a legal document on hold until the payment is made, and it is commonly used during visas.Dummy flight booking acts as proof of the trip or journey that you have opted for your vacation.

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