• 08 May, 2024
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What is a complimentary room upgrade?

A complimentary room upgrade in the hotel is a privilege that can be based on several factors and one of the main factors is availability. It means upgrading from a Basic Standard room to a Suite or higher level room which turns the normal trip into a luxurious getaway. Elite members are entitled to get a complimentary room upgrade in hotels else if you don't have elite membership so there are different tips to hitch a hotel upgrade to add extra comfort and luxury to the trip. You will find some useful tips which boost the chances of getting the upgrade.

Tips to maximize the chances of getting the free room upgrade:

Here, you will find fruitful tips that boost the maximum chances of getting a free room upgrade.

  • The most common tip to get a room upgrade is simply to ask the hotel concierge for a free room upgrade.
  • It is highly recommended that the tourist should plan their travel during the off season as there are high chances to get the upgrade as the hotels are not filled. You can plan to travel during the working days.
  • Customer should join the hotel loyalty program or prefer to book directly from their official website as it leads to an increase in the chances of complimentary upgrades. If you are staying with any of the reputed brands then having an elite status is a great way to get the upgrade for free.
  • Sometimes it is beneficial to book the room from third-party sites as there are high chance to get a complimentary upgrade through luxury advisors of companies like Viruoso, Booking.com, and more.
  • Those who are not a frequent traveler or elite members are advised to use credit cards to make payments for hotel bookings as there are offers available for complimentary upgrades, breakfast, free spa, and more options.

What are the factors on which Hotel room upgrades are based?

Generally, the hotel room upgrade means a change from the Basic Standard room to a suite and higher classroom with premium services and amenities. As we know there are multiple factors on which room upgrade is based some of the common ones are listed in the below mentioned information.

  • It depends on the availability of the large suites and room.
  • A room with a balcony and a view of the city, beaches, or mountains.
  • Family suite, Room with double occupancy.
  • You are entitled to get the complimentary room upgrade if the booked room is not up to mark as shown on the website while booking.

When is the best time to book the room to get the complimentary upgrade?

The best time to book the hotel to get a free upgrade is to plan the travel during the off-season to the desired destinations. When the hotel is partially booked then there are high chances of higher class room availability and can get a free upgrade.

Can I check in early in the hotel room?

Basically, Early Check-in depends on the room availability and some hotels may charge extra for early check-in. It is best to call the Hotel in advance to check the availability.