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What does Wizz Air Priority include?

Any passenger who has purchased a basic Economy ticket with Wizz Air and wants to get some additional benefits can purchase the Wizz Air priority by paying the relevant charges. You will get multiple services, which are also mentioned on your boarding pass. There are multiple modes that you can use to get Wizz Air Priority. Go through the given information to learn about all the benefits that you will receive from it.

  • Separate check-in counter- There are separate check-in counters at every airport for priority members to drop their luggage quickly and get their boarding passes.
  • Be the first to board the flight- Get priority at boarding and be the first passenger to board the plane.
  • Free Trolley bag- OnlyPrioritymembers get the benefits of carrying a free trolley bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg and dimension not more than (55 cm X 40 cm X 23 cm)
  • Additional Carry-on Bag- Free carry-on baggage is provided that should be within (40 cm X 30 cm X 20 cm) and be able to fit under your seat.

What are the modes for purchasing Wizz priority?

There are a total of four modes available through which you can get the Wizz Priority. If you want to get further information on these modes and learn the procedure to use them, then read the below details:

During ticket purchase - The most effective to purchase the Wizz priority is during the ticket purchase. After filling out the booking details, add the priority to your ticket and follow the steps on the screen. Below are the complete instructions to get the priority through online reservation:

  • Open the official Wizz Air webpage.
  • Fill out the required details and select from the available flights.
  • Press on the add services option and add the Wizz priority to your ticket.
  • Pay the final amount as shown on the screen and download a copy of your ticket.

Via the "Manage Reservation" option- any passenger who wants to purchase Wizz Air Priority after booking the ticket can use the "Manage Reservation" option on the official webpage or the mobile application. Enter the requested flight details and click the add services option to get Wizz Priority. As you pay the relevant fee, the airline will send the updated booking details to your email.

Call Customer Service - You can also call customer service through their official phone number and speak with the representative to purchase the Wizz priority for your ticket. As you get through with a live person, describe the required information, and they will instantly add the pass to your ticket. Following are the instructions to purchase the priority via phone call:

  • Dial up the Wizz Air official contact number.
  • Tap the button to pick your language and choose the IVR for the preferred service.
  • A representative will then connect to you.
  • Share the requested details and explain your query.
  • The live person will immediately add the Wizz priority to your ticket and also provide the relevant information.

Through the airline counter - You can also purchase the Wizz priority by visiting the airline's counter at the airport. Mention your booking details to the representative and discuss the changes you wish to make. Pay the relevant fee to add Wizz Priority to your booking and collect the updated ticket. If you have any issues, then ask the representative, and they will quickly get you the answer.

What is free baggage on Wizz Air?

Free baggage on Wizz Air means the passenger does not have to pay any charges for the baggage. The number of free baggage the airline allows depends on the ticket fare and the membership. However, one free carry-on baggage with a weight limit of 10 kg is allowed for each passenger, and one checked bag of 32 kg with dimensions of (149 cm X 119 cm X 176 cm). An additional trolley bag is also provided for Wizz Priority members, who can carry it to the cabin.

Do you have to pay for Wizz Priority?

The Wizz priority fee might differ depending on the method you use to purchase it. You must also remember that the fee is non-refundable and the given information to know the accurate price:

  • Official webpage or the phone call center -$10 to $ 60.
  • Through the airport -$55.

How do I avoid paying for seats on Wizz Air?

While traveling with Wizz Air, if you want to sit in your preferred seat, you might have to pay certain charges. You can avoid paying for these extra charges by purchasing a Privilege pass, which has a validity of 12 months and lets you choose any seat, including a front row or extra legroom seat, for free. However, if you skip the seat selection process, the airline will automatically assign a random number of available seats.