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Which airlines permit pets to accompany passengers on flights to Colombia?

Pets are now considered higher than just animals. They play the role of companionship and comfort, so leaving them behind during a journey is not an option for most travelers. Further, one of the means of transport which can entertain such traveling with ease is airlines. Therefore, when you are willing to fly to Colombia with a pet, then you can choose an airline as a travel partner but not all operating air transport could provide such kind of facilities. More than that, if an airline allows you to travel with pets, then you may get to comply with the rules and regulations that are set for them.

Acknowledge airlines allowing pets to travel to Colombia

For traveling with pets to Colombia with an airline, you can discover and be aware of their statutory provision. Moreover, you can administer context concerning this required from underneath.

Avianca Airlines

This is one of the largest airlines based in Colombia. In its flights, you can bring, emotional support animals, service dogs, and pets. Moreover, the pets can be carried in the cabin and in-hold.

  • Cabin: The size of the container should be 22x14x10 in, and the weight should not exceed 10 kg. Moreover, its cost could be between $45 and $190. But you may bring only pets per flight
  • Pets in hold: They should be in a container that allows them to move freely, and their weight has to be up to 70 kg. Further, you can fly with more than one pet in hold, and the cost per pet could go around $60 to $240.

Note: You must complete the pet transporting form and make a reservation at least 48 hours before departure. Moreover, you must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure.

Latam Airlines

Latam Airlines allows you to travel with your pets, including cats and dogs. However, the conditions or terms that need to be accompanied are as such:-

  • In the cabin: The pets must be inside the kennel the entire time during flights. Moreover, the dimensions are 40 cm x 28 cm x 25 cm, and must have "Economy or Premium Economy" tickets.
  • In the hold: Pets should weigh up to 45 kg and 32kg when traveling from Europe, Argentina, or Venezuela. The dimensions should be at least 300 cm, and the flight should be operated by Latam only.

American Airlines

This is a leading airline in America that allows pets to travel. Further, booking on most of the flight's routes is made 12 hours before departure, but in some, it is 48 hours before departure.

  • Carry-on pets: Pets must stay in the kennel and should be placed under the front seat. Further, the soft kennel should be 18x11x11 inches in size and should weigh 9 kg.
  • Checked pets: Their weight should not exceed 45 kg, and their maximum kennel height should be 46 inches. Price is $125 and $150.

United Airlines

United Airlines allows traveling with pets if a space is available on a flight. Here, you can bring up to two pets on a flight, but you get to purchase two seats, and one should be next to the other.

  • The kennel dimensions for soft-sided carriers are 18x11x11 inches, and for hard-sided carriers, 18x12x9 inches.
  • Cost is around $125 for each way, and flight credit can't be used to pay
  • Pets must be 2 months old for domestic routes and 4 months for internationals
  • Also know about the United Airlines charge for a dog.

Bottom Line

Furthermore, when you get here, you can find information about airlines that allow pets to travel to Colombia. However, if there are any confusing terms or you need more details, you can reach out to the respective airline customer service team for clarification.