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Does SpiceJet give student discounts?

Yes, SpiceJet provides student discounts to travelers. There are several passengers who want to make bookings using the SpiceJet student discount but are unaware of the entire procedure. Such customers must make sure they fulfill the eligibility set by the airlines. In the approaching section of the article, all the policies mentioned that must be referred to by ticket purchasers, and also procedures and important things that must be remembered by customers, are given below. 

SpiceJet student discount policies: 

Certain important policies that are expected to be followed to get student discount in SpiceJet flights are given below:

  • Those students who want to book tickets using a student discount must provide their validating identification card both in hardcopy and softcopy.
  • If any traveler books tickets using this discount coupon, then he is eligible to carry an additional 10 kg apart from the allowed 15 kg as check-in luggage for domestic flights. 
  • If any customer is applying for a student discount while ticket purchase, then he is not allowed to apply any other discount coupons. 

What are some important points to be considered by travelers availing student discounts? 

The discount availing procedure is straightforward, yet, there are certain points about SpiceJet student discount that surely must be remembered and followed before applying discount coupons. 

  • Student discounts are only considered valid if passengers book tickets from the online website. 
  • If travelers are traveling to domestic destinations, then students can get discounts of up to 10% for both round-trip and one-way.
  • Once they make the bookings using a student discount, they are not eligible to transfer their tickets.
  • This option is available for children above 12 years or more.

How to avail student concessions in SpiceJet? 

Those students who want to travel through SpiceJet and are looking for the SpiceJet student discount  must reach out the customer services and are required to follow the steps given below:

  • Dial the phone number of SpiceJet Airlines:
  • The calls are expected to be attended by an automated voice.
  • Following the instructed points, callers will come across live representatives. 
  • Now, callers must check student discount availability to their traveling destination and ask the airline’s representative to make the bookings, providing all essential details.
  • They can process payments online and receive their booking itineraries over email. 

Online process to redeem SpiceJet student discount: 

Apart from reaching customer services, customers can even make discounted reservations themselves by following the online straightforward given below: 

  • Go to the official website of SpiceJet.
  • If any customers already have an existing account, then they can log in and continue to use the following steps. 
  • Find your destination flight by entering the trip origin point and date of travel.
  • Also, the number of passengers along with trip type can be specified.
  • The student discount toggle button must be tapped from the bottom of the booking page.
  • Now to make the complete reservation, customers are not just required to specify the details but also provide valid identification cards.
  • Finally, they must make payment and terminate the booking procedure.

Does SpiceJet check Student ID?

Student ID on SpiceJet flights does not apply to Friends or relatives. Passengers who are booking with the SpiceJet Student Discount offer will need to carry a hard copy of their original student ID, which must be recognized by the passenger school or their university. Travelers need to present their student ID at the time of flight check-in.

Read some terms and conditions:

  • The Student discount is only apply when they are booking via the SpiceJet official website.
  • SpiceJet Airline provides you up to 10% student discount for the domestic flights on the base fare.
  • Reservation made via SpiceJet Student Discount are refundable and changeable but name changes are not allowed.
  • The Student discount is only for students aged 12 years and more.
  • If a passenger fails to provide the relevant ID, then the passengers will not get any benefits of a Student discount, and the passengers will pay the applicable charges.

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