• 23 Apr, 2024
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Essential Information About Smoking on Airplanes: What You Need to Understand

'Smoking is injurious to health', and 'Smoking kills' are some messages we can see in every cigarette box and almost every public place. We all know very well smoking does not only affect our health but also the people around us. This is why, on the plane, you will see no one smoking. Although there was a time until 1990 when smoking was allowed on planes, due to its adverse effects and inconvenience to non-smokers and others, most of the airlines stopped it later. Do cigarettes show up on airport scanners? The answer is no; the scanner on planes scans for metal items, and in cigarettes, there is no metal. Moreover, in the article, we will discuss some related facts about smoking on planes, so you should stay tuned until the end. 

Why shouldn't you smoke on an airplane?

There are various reasons why you should not smoke in airplanes. Given are some of the common reasons that will help you understand better: 


When you smoke on board, it has various safety risks. One cigarette, if not fully extinguished, can cause fire. The fire spreads quickly because of limited space on board. 

Air quality and health of passengers 

Smoking doesn't harm the smoker only but also the co-passengers. Passive smoking creates serious health problems among passengers, and the smoke also spreads in the plane quickly due to enclosed spaces. It circulates in the confined air and creates unbearable odors for non-smokers. It ultimately impairs the air quality and endangers the health of passengers, especially children and senior citizens. 

Fire hazard in lavatories

Modern airplanes also have smoke detectors that detect possible fires. Why shouldn't you smoke on an airplane? If you smoke in airplane lavatories, it can cause alarm and alert the crew. Besides, if you throw any improper cigarette butt in the lavatory, it can cause serious fire hazards. 

Air pressure in the cabin and oxygen supply

In the plane, the cabin atmosphere is set to an ideal air pressure level. In the case of smoke, it can affect the sensors and risk the correct Cabin pressure functioning. This might lead to a lack of oxygen and create problems at high altitudes. 


Although smoking is prohibited on planes, there are still smokers who just ignore the bans. In the United States, as per federal law, smoking is restricted on both Domestic and International flights. It is extended to electronic cigarettes and covers all the segments of flights for passenger transportation, whether intrastate, interstate, or foreign. Anyone who violates the law might need to pay a penalty ranging from $2 to $4000 based on offense type and other factors. 

How do smokers deal with long flights?

As the flights don't allow smoking, long-haul flights can create a strong craving among smokers. In that case, here are some strategies they can follow to avoid smoking: 

Replace the cigarette 

There are various alternatives available that you can use to stop the urge for cigarettes. You can use chewing gum or special nicotine replacement items such as patches or nicotine gum; they can help you deal with the craving to smoke. 

Plan a stopover

You can also plan a stopover and take a breath outside. Fresh air at the airport can reduce cigarette cravings and also provide a short distraction. Besides, you can walk around and focus on other things. 

Manage Flight times

On long-haul flights, you can always book the flight at such times, that do not clash with smoking times. In case the flight times don't consider the usual smoking time, it can help you to overcome the situation. 

Distract yourself 

You should try to distract yourself by indulging in other activities. You can listen to music, watch movies, play games or do other things which you like. By doing these things, you can take your mind off the smoking. 

Conclusion: Smoking is strictly prohibited on planes and one must stick to this rule. In case you feel like smoking given above are some strategies you can follow. Besides reading the article above hopefully, you get an answer to the query; How do smokers deal with long flights? If cigarettes show up on airport scanners? Why should you not smoke on Planes? In case you need more information in this regard, share it with us in the box below.