• 04 Apr, 2024
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Is Thailand safe to travel?

A deviser is always expected to deliver the best trip plans; ultimately, they are unanswerable to the group. A single mishap on a trip would bring irremovable slammings, especially in a group of friends. Considering it, the search bar is overcrowded, and there is a similar concern: "Is it safe to travel to Thailand?" So, for every deviser, this discussion will prove to be an ace because you can explore everything about it when it is safe, what you can do, how you can travel, and different affiliated aspects; please have a look:

Some Facts Asserting Thailand's Safety.

Undoubtedly, millions of tourists, including Devotees, friends, and families, travel a long way to Thailand on vacations. Irrespective of this, many trip planners look forward to accumulating all the written factors, data, and results released by the official governing bodies, national or international, etc., for a clue to ensure tourists about Thailand's safety. Consider the following data;

  • Global Peace Index--- Thailand is ranked 92 out of 163 countries. It remarks on its fewer indulgences in external or internal conflicts. However, it is shown to be having high incarceration rates.
  • Level-1 Ratings--- Based on The U.S. State Department, Thailand has been given a Level-1 country. This makes fliers from the US travel to Thailand freely.
  • Global Finance Magazine--- Thailand is placed at the 70th spot, above the US, in the list released by Global Finance Media.
  • Safest Places Ratings--- By the US tourists, Thailand is ranked 20th safest country, and along with this, for the LGBTQ+ communities, Thailand is the haven.
  • Night Safety Report--- There is an application called GeoSure that ranks cities based on tranquility within the state and other things. Thailand received good rankings for this.

Is it safe to roam around at night in Thailand?

Thailand's primary source of income is the tourism sector. To surpass any mishaps, it has strict governing laws within the state, due to which law & order are maintained. However, if you think about whether the nightlife is secure at night in Thailand, you are advised to take note of the following points;

  • Yes, based on a report related to the application GeoSure, Thailand is relatively safer at night for tourists, etc.
  • If you still have doubts, you can read the reports released by prominent official agencies.

Hedge your bets; Be a Cautionary Tourist.

Are you traveling solo?

  • Women must wear modest attire whenever possible.
  • If you are drunk, do not swim, it's better to stick with your resort's pool.
  • Only trust registered restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.

Be careful about what you say.

  • Any derogatory comments may lead you to prison for up to 15 years; in addition, ripping off Thai currencies can also put you in the same situation.
  • The type of "freedom of speech" given in your native country would be different than offered in Thailand; thus, ensure and watch what you say.

Have an eagle's eye while traveling.

  • You must keep your eyes on your taxi meter. (it must start at 35 Thai Bhat).
  • You must be sure about your destination to avoid any fraud or overcharges.