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Is it cheaper to book flights through a travel agent or online?

Passengers sometimes need clarification while making a Group booking about whether to book flights through a travel agent or online through the Airline's website for a good deal. Booking through an agent or airline website has several advantages and disadvantages. You must compare the deals and prices provided by both before booking the flights to crack a good deal. You can compare both ways to conclude by reading the below segment.

It is cheaper to book flights through an agent rather than booking them online, as the travel agency saves you time and provides additional discounts and benefits.

Benefits of Online Flight Booking:

  • Easy cancellation and Flight change: You can conveniently cancel or change your flight online through the Manage Booking section of the Airline's website if there is a change in your itinerary/ plan.

  • Early Check-ins: You can check in to your flight as early as 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure, and you can also pick your favorite seat while checking in for a comfortable and exciting journey.

  • Improve Efficiency: You can increase productivity by compiling all your details in a place, and you need not fill it out repeatedly. Also, the Strong online booking tools can take the workload off you.

  • Additional Amenities and deals: Airlines also provide loyalty points to frequent fliers, which can be utilized in purchasing additional services like seat upgrades, In-flight foods & beverages, etc.

  • Time Saving and Hassle-free: You can book your tickets online anywhere using your smartphones and laptops, and it also saves time standing in a queue at the airport.  

 Flight Booking Benefits at a travel agent:

  • Convenient and Less Hectic: Most passengers prefer travel agencies because they do not need to plan their bookings as the travel agency prepares an itinerary according to the passenger's preferences.

  • Money Saving: It is a misconception that travel agencies charge more for a flight booking than airlines. They have direct access to airline inventories, work on marginal profits, and provide good travel deals to the passengers.

  • Expert Guidance: You get a dedicated travel consultant who guides you through all the necessary information about your travel destination. They also advise you about the best time to travel and the activities you can perform to save time and money.

  • Currency Exchange: If you are planning for International travel, you need to exchange currency, which can be hectic, but the travel agent can also provide you with a service like Currency exchange at your doorstep.

  • Visa and Travel Formalities: Documentation can be hectic, but you need not worry. You can rely on the travel agent to make all the necessary arrangements and prepare your travel documents. 

Process to book a flight through a travel agent:

To book a flight through a good travel agent, call the number at 1-802-341-3403 or search for your nearby travel agents on Google to get their phone numbers. Once you get the number, call them and book an appointment. Visit the travel agency at the allotted time and share your itinerary to get a good deal.

Process to book the flight online:

You can book your flight online by following the steps described below.

  • Open the website of your Airline.

  • Click the Book Flight option to enter your Arrival & destination point, travel date, class, etc., to search.

  • Pick a flight of your choice, enter the passenger details, and attach their Ids to proceed to the payments page.

  • Make the payment online, and your flight gets booked.

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