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Is it cheaper to book flights as a group on American Airlines?

When you have a business trip to arrange and a lot of people are a part of this trip then you can book a group travel with American Airlines. It will save you from a lot of hustle and difficulties as it offers multiple offers, discounts, and deals and eventually make the journey comfortable and will also make the flight cheaper. With the American Airlines Group Booking, you will be entertained with various benefits, and you do not have to go through the booking process again and again for each passenger separately. We are going to discuss and inform you about everything that is connected to Group Travel with American Airlines so it will be convenient for you.

How to make a group booking on American Airlines?

If you want to book group travel tickets with American Airlines, then you should know that the best and most convenient would be the online process. It will take the least time, and you do not have to contact the executives for the same. There is a simple process that you need to follow; we have mentioned the steps so booking the group tickets can be quick for you:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on Book and put all the required details, such as class, date, time, departure and arrival locations, etc.
  • Select Group Travel and enter all the group member's names.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on the screen and complete the process.
  • Add the additional services you need and click on the payment option.
  • Get through the steps and pay for the tickets. The confirmation can be downloaded from the website.

How do I book a flight for a group of people on American Airlines?

The flight tickets can be booked by contacting the customer service executives of the Airline. Booking flights with American Airlines will be quickest on the phone. You will be directly connected with the executives and will be required to provide all the flight details with the names of all the travelers. The executives will book the tickets for you and send a confirmation with the ticket via email.

What is American Airlines' group travel policy?

All the terms and conditions of the Group Travel policy have been given. If you have any queries or issues related to group traveling, then they can be resolved if you are well-informed about the policy. All the guidelines of the policy are listed for your convenience:

  • The group must have at least 10 people if you have booked the flight ticket with an Economy Cabin or mixed cabin.
  • It reduces to 7 people when it comes to Premium Cabin tickets.
  • All the members of the group booking should be traveling together with one segment, flight, and class.
  • People on group reservations should travel on the same date.
  • The same group can book the return flight within the 7-day window.
  • If the group does not meet the requirements, then the group flight will be canceled.
  • You will not be permitted to check in online with the American Airlines group reservation.
  • On the non-stop itineraries, there should be at least 1 adult with 20 minors.
  • When it comes to connecting flights, there should be at least 1 adult with 15 minors.
  • If you cancel the group tickets, the amount will be refunded with a penalty.
  • Online seat selection will not be permitted with group booking, and you will have to get to the airport.
  • Make sure you get to the airport at least two hours before the domestic and three hours before the international flight.
  • Before the final payment, the changes can be made to the flight ticket without any problem.

Is traveling with an American Airlines group reservation beneficial?

You can access multiple benefits with American Airlines group reservation, and all of them are listed below:

  • Priority check-in and boarding will be available with group reservations.
  • You will be provided a separate cabin with your group on the fight.
  • An assistance to guide you throughout the journey can be accessed.
  • The Airline will permit a one-ticket or no-ticket travel with a group reservation.
  • You can have an extra baggage allowance once the flight has been booked with group travel.
  • Tickets will be available at low prices with the best discounts and deals.
  • You can acquire flexible payment options with group booking.