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Is Avianca a pet-friendly airline?

Avianca not only facilitates passengers or cargo services but is also equipped with pet-friendly services, which are quite common for travelers because there are times when pets have to travel with their owners for long-haul journeys. Therefore, if you as a traveler need to get the best perspective in reference to the pet-friendly Avianca pet policy, when you read the following section, then you will be able to recover the proper information which is going to be in respect to many criteria of pet travel which could be referring to the carrier for pets, size, and dimensions, etc.

Here are the conditions to read and meet before the scheduled departure of Avianca:

Emotional Support Dog: The conditions for traveling with an emotional support dog differ. Read the following to learn about a few of the points regarding this travel.

  • Regarding emotional support dogs, if their weight is up to 22 lb(including the container/carrier), they are allowed to travel in a cabin. But if their weight is around 154 lb (including the carrier), they are put up for hold.
  • For cabin containers, flexibility should be present (22*14*10 inches), and for hold containers, travel should take a rigid one.
  • In addition, travelers are given the option to travel with 1 emotional support dog.

Service Dog: These types of dogs are trained in specialization and also being awarded certificates.

  • Service dogs of any size can travel as long as they can be placed without obstructing evacuation within the cabin.
  • For service dogs, there isn't any requirement for the containers to get transported within the cabin.
  • Up to 2 service dogs can be taken per passenger and flown in the cabin.

Pets in the cabin:

  • According to Pets in the Cabin Travel, the maximum weight should be 22 lb, which might consist of a container.
  • Furthermore, pets in the cabin should get along with the flexible container with a maximum of (22*14*10) in (length, width, and height)
  • Travelers are permitted to bring one pet into the cabin, which should be placed under the seat in front of the traveler.

Pets in the hold:

  • If you need to transport pets in the hold, the weight should be 154 lb, including the container.
  • Travelers should select a rigid container for pets in the hold so that the pet can move freely.
  • If you need to travel with more than one pet, it is essential to ensure that each pet travels in its official container.

Other necessary points to consider for Avianca pet policies: To gather more details about the pet policies for Avianca flight tickets, you can go through the following passage and acquire complete information.

  • Here are the breeds that are feasibly allowed to travel with the cabin facility at Avianca. We request your guidance. (Doberman, Pitbull Terrier, Rottweiler and Japanese Tosa).
  • Note, anytime you need to travel with pets at Avianca, you shall be the one to provide the necessary medical certifications for access to the ticket link for the journey.
  • To guarantee other travelers' comfort then, it is required to not place the two pets' containers in the same row, unless the pet is from the same family group traveling.
  • Moreover, pets are not permitted to travel without non-ventilated holds.
  • In addition, before traveling with your pet at Avianca, you must fill out the form with the necessary details of the pet, and you will ultimately be able to gather the information accordingly.

However, to become more concerned about informative rules and regulations/norms regarding Avianca pet policies, you can select the official site page's pets section. You will get the best information on Avianca pet policies and other basic requirements here.

Can I take my pet on Avianca?

Yes, customers are given the option of traveling with their pets in-flight cabins. But to complete such preferences quite quickly, you need to go through the norms, and for that information, you have to read the above section for the basics. Otherwise, you could also visit the official website of Avianca, and then you get access to pet travel purposes quite efficiently. Read more about Airlines pet policy.

Is it allowed for pets to travel on international flights at Avianca?

Yes, pets are allowed to travel on International flights quite comfortably, and in reference to this, you are given access to cabin travel, as accompanied baggage, or as cargo services. Remember that one major point for international flights traveling with pets will be to charge a fee accordingly.

How to add a pet to an Avianca flight ticket?

Per the policies, if you are still getting into trouble and want to learn the easy steps to add a pet to an Avianca existing flight ticket, then read the following passage for reference.

  • First, open the official website of Avianca
  • Now click Manage your booking tab
  • Enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger
  • You need to click now retrieve button, and you will have your ticket onscreen
  • Select the additional services tab, choose Add Pets, and proceed to add the required details and pay.