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A comprehensive guide about 'Upgrading seats with Avianca'

Avianca Airlines is a Columbia Airlines that provides flexibility to its passengers at every stage of their journey. Several methods are available for those who have booked with Avianca Airlines and want to upgrade their seats. You can upgrade the seats after the booking, before check-in, and at the airport. Passengers can also opt for the paid upgrade at the last minute. Besides, you can also get a chance to upgrade the seats for free, using various options. The article discusses all of the 'Avianca seat upgrade' processes, policies, benefits, and related information; you shall stay connected until the end to discover every detail.

How to upgrade Avianca flights?

If you want to upgrade Avianca flights, there are various options available. Here you can find all of them and choose the one that suits your requirements:

Big An Upgrade: Avianca Airlines sends you an email a few days before the departure to apply for a bid for an upgrade. You can open the link and enter the amount you want to pay for your upgrade. If Bid is accepted, you will be notified a few hours before the date. You must pay for the upgrade by using a credit card.

Last-Minute Upgrade: In case the seats are available, Avianca allows its passengers to purchase an upgrade by paying for the fare difference at the last minute.

LifeMiles Upgrade: If you are a member of the Avianca loyalty program, you can use the miles earned to upgrade your flight. You can use the LifeMiles earned to pay for an upgrade. The number of Miles you need for an upgrade depends on various factors such as the destination, route, distance, upgrade class, etc.

How do you upgrade your flight to Business class?

If you are willing to upgrade to Avianca business class, you can do so via the website or phone. Here is the Avianca business class upgrade procedure; take a look:

  • Go to the Avianca Airlines website and log in
  • Under Manage booking options, choose the ticket you wish to upgrade to business class
  • Click on 'Upgrade seats' and choose the upgrade options available
  • You can view the seat map on the screen and select your desired seat
  • Proceed with the business class upgrade and pay for the upgrade if applicable

By phone: Besides the online method, you can upgrade to business class and Avianca Premium Economy upgrade by phone. You can call the Avianca representative and request that you upgrade your seats. They will check the availability and upgrade your seat to the higher class. You can pay for the upgrade online; a message will be shared once it is done.

What are the Avianaca Business class upgrade benefits?

When you upgrade your seat to business class, you get several benefits, making the journey beautiful and comfortable. Besides, if you are not sure, Avianaca upgrade benefits are as below:

  • You get more capacity to carry your stuff, including two baggage allowance pieces with 32 kg each.
  • You can also access Avianaca VIP lounges and relax before taking your flight.
  • You get priority check-in and quick access to baggage and boarding.
  • You get various food options specially selected for you and many more.

How to get a free upgrade on Avianca?

In addition to paid upgrades, you can also enjoy Avianca free upgrades by using various tips and tricks. Here are some practical options you can opt for free upgrades:

Use LifeMiles: If you are a frequent flyer member, you can always use LifeMiles to upgrade your seats for free. If you have enough miles, you can use it as a payment option and get your upgrade done for free.

Complimentary upgrade: If you have gained the 'Avianca Elite status', the airline might offer you a complimentary upgrade. In that case, you don't need to pay anything for the upgrade, and it's free. You earn miles for every flight booking.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to upgrading your seat with Avianca, the information above will help you. You can upgrade your seats by paying for them, which are also accessible in many cases. The Avianca Frequent Flyer upgrades can be done by paying for it using the miles. If more details are required, visit the Avianca upgrade page on the website.