• 14 May, 2024
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How to choose a seat in the Emirates?

While booking the seat with Emirates, if any passenger has skipped the seat selection process, then no worries, as they also provide the option during check-in. There are three different mediums available through which you can choose a seat with the airline. You can go through the mentioned details and use the desired mode for the assistance:

Via Web check-in - Use the web check-in option on the airline's website or the mobile application to select your seat for free and get the boarding pass 24 hours early. You can also use this method to change or upgrade the seat by paying the relevant charges. Following are mentioned the steps to use web check-in for seat selection:

  • Open the Emirates website or the mobile application.
  • Press the "Check-in online" button under the "Manage Your Booking" section on the homepage.
  • Write down your "Last Name" and "Booking Reference" as given on the ticket.
  • Pick from the available seats and provide the required details.
  • Pay if any charges show on the screen and download the boarding pass. 

Via Self Kiosk - Another way is through the Self Kiosk, which is available at every airport. Get to the Kiosk device and provide the booking code along with the last name. Then, you can select the seat based on availability, and it will be your boarding pass. 

Via check-in counter - The last available medium to select your seat with Emirates is through the check-in counter at the airport. You need to share the ticket details with the executive, and they will show you all the seats that are available. After picking up the seat, you have to pay the relevant charges, and they will immediately provide the boarding pass. You can also ask the executive for any questions, and they will provide a quick response with an answer.

When can I select a free seat on Emirates?

To select the preferred seat on Emirates, the passengers have to pay some extra charges that varies upon the seat. However, the airline does not charge any fee during the check-in and you can choose any seat for free as per the availability. Passengers with Premium Economy and higher flight tickets can choose their preferred seat without paying any charges.

Is it really worth paying for seat selection on Emirates? 

When you are traveling with someone or want to get a comfortable flight experience, then it is recommended that you choose your seat. Paying for the preferred seat will give you a confirmed reservation and allow you to enjoy the flight. If any passenger skips the seat selection process, Emirates will automatically assign you one, and the chances are high that it will be a middle seat.

Which seats are best in Emirates' economy?

The best seats on an Emirates economy flight are the front-row seats. You will get extra legroom space and also will be the first one to deboard the plane. The charges for these seats may be a little higher than those for other seats. If you want to book these seats, then check in early for the flight. Read more about how to cancel Emirates flight and get a refund.