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Spread your knowledge about Singapore Airlines baggage allowance.

Singapore Airlines encourages you to reserve your flight ticket on its official website and provides you with complete help to make your trip comfortable. Therefore, when you fly with this airline, you may carry up to two bags into the cabin, depending on the classes you selected during a flight booking service. Typically, when you travel in Economy or Premium Economy, you can carry only one piece of bag that should be up to 7 kg per passenger. Further, if you travel in business and first class, you can have at least two pieces of baggage, the weight of which should be up to 7 kg per passenger. Check out the baggage size, which must not exceed 115 cm in dimension, and for further details regarding baggage, check out the answers to the given queries below.

How strict is Singapore Airlines on baggage weight?

Singapore Airlines is extremely strict on baggage weight and must take care of and seize it when traveling on its flights, depending on the fare type. But if you exceed the baggage weight and size limitation, you will be asked to pay the charges depending on the kind of fare, route, and destination. If you want to know the baggage allowance information to avoid trouble, you must go through the significant points below.

  • When traveling in Economy and Premium Economy Class, you can carry one piece of checked baggage weighing around 23 kg.
  • If you are in the Business and First Class of Singapore Airlines, your baggage weight must be around 32 kg each.
  • The baggage size should not be 158 cm long in height, length, and width, but you will be asked to pay charges if the sizes do not match.
  • If you have gained a PPS Clum membership with Singapore Airlines, you can get at least 100% extra baggage allowance quickly.
  • Remember that when you use a KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold membership, you will get complete permission to carry your baggage with one extra piece without paying any charges.

What happens if baggage is overweight on Singapore Airlines?

When you check in on your flight with overweight baggage on Singapore Airlines, you must pay the penalty or extra charges to continue your flight journey in your booked classes. Generally, a travel agent checks your carry-on and checked baggage at check-in time before your flight, and this is a time when you can add and remove your baggage to make the comfortable flight journey more suitable. Further, when you travel with overweight baggage, you will be asked to go to the check-in counter to check your cabin baggage and get the allowance to carry your overweight baggage by paying some extra charges comfortably. But if you don't meet the rules and requirements for the baggage allowance, you might be denied travel to your destination with the same baggage that you need to check accordingly.

How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost?

If you travel with 1 kg of excess baggage, you will be asked to pay around $8 to $110 per passenger. You must check out the prices, which depend on the fare type, destination, and booking date. If you want further details regarding additional baggage costs, visit the official booking website and go to the extra baggage section for more information.

Can we carry 2 bags for 30 kg on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, you can carry at least 2 bags for 30 kg on Singapore Airlines if you are traveling in business and first class, and this will make your flight journey safer and secure. If you still need help with your baggage allowance, feel free to contact a representative who is always there to assist you soon.