• 14 Jun, 2024
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How stringent is KLM with their pet travel policy?

Pets are also an integral part of the family, if the entire family is leaving, they cannot be left behind. KLM understands this very well, thus providing a facility for passengers to carry them and fly to their destination. Despite this facility, it has imposed some restrictions or rules that everyone has to follow while planning a trip with a pet. So, the given sections will clarify everything, for example, whether the airline allows, weight limitations, and other affiliated factors. You are advised to delve into the tabs and find out the same; please have a look:

Does KLM allow pets in the cabin?

Yes, regarding KLM pet rules, fliers are permitted to be carried in the cabin. However, the number of pets you are permitted to carry onboard is determined by the type of aircraft you are traveling. Thus, to know the same, you are suggested to get a hold of an official who will clear all the doubts. 

What is the weight limit for pets on KLM?

Many people wondering about flying with pets on KLM often try to find out the weight limits on the airline. So, for your clarification, below are some of the supportive points; please have a look:

  • If your pet and kennel weigh more than 8 KG, you may not be allowed to carry onboard. 
  • Your kennel's maximum size must be 46 x 28 x 24 cm. Remember, it is enclosed and has enough space for your pet to move around. 
  • For any other assistance, reach out to the official via phone number. 

Can I take my pet on a KLM international flight?

KLM has made all its policies from the perspective of fliers. Thus, you are allowed to carry your pet on KLM International flights. However, you may not carry every pet, as some exceptions, for example, American Bully, Boston Terrier, etc., are disallowed to carry. 

What are the general Pet Rules on KLM?

Don't you think it is the responsibility of a flier to be aware of the pet rules on KLM to ensure the safety of their pets? Hence, below are some points supporting your concern associated with pets; please have a look:

Pets in the Cabin

  • You can carry one pet (dog or a cat) onboard (irrespective of class, Economy, and Business within Europe). 
  • A kennel's maximum size must be  46 x 28 x 24 cm so it can be fitted underneath your seat. 
  • Including the travel bag and the kennel, and the pet must not weigh more than 8 KG. 
  • You cannot take your pet out of the kennel during your journey with KLM. 

Pets in the Hold

  • In the case of pets in the hold, you are allowed to carry up to 3 pets. 
  • You may also keep them in the same kennel if their weight is under 14 kg (each). 
  • The combined weight of your pet and kennel must not exceed 75 KG.  
  • The size of the kennel must be limited to 122 x 81 x 89 cm on KLM Flights and 102 x 69 x 76 cm on KLM Cityhopper flights. 
  • If you have any other issues or a similar doubt, you can easily contact the official, who will resolve every concern.

Find out some Exceptions on KLM

There are some cases when the airline does not permit you to carry a pet even if you meet most of the desired requirements; those are below;

  • If your transfer time is over 3 hours, you may not carry your pet in the hold. 
  • For flights via Paris, you are allowed to carry in the Hold. (However, this is applicable only when you have a transfer time of 4.5 hours) 
  • Contact the agents of KLM to know such exceptions.