• 21 Jun, 2024
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What is the price of the smallest private aircraft?

Many people worldwide want to buy a private plane as it will make it easy for a small group of people, extended family trips, business executives, or high-ranking persons. To buy a private plane, the thing that matters the most is its cost, and the cost will vary according to the number of engines,  the plane is new or used, size, model, etc., but still, the smallest private plane costs nearly 10,000 USD to 50,000 USD. This is the basic amount for the smallest private plane, and you will also have to pay additional charges such as taxes and a registration fee.

What are the types of planes, and what are their costs?

There are various types of private planes available, and the purchasing amount will vary. Before buying the plane, having information about those things is essential. If you do not have information about the types of aircraft and their costs, then you will need to go through the below. 

  • Small Aircraft: The smallest aircraft has a single seat, and its upfront cost is between 10,000 USD to 18,000 USD. 
  • Single-Engine Aircraft: If you want more seating space, extra power, more features, etc., you can use a single-engine aircraft for small aircraft. Usually, single-engine aircraft cost between 18,000 USD and 100,000 USD.
  • Multi-engine Aircraft: The most powerful and higher-end model of aircraft is a multi-engine aircraft, and this type can cost 60,000 USD to 500,000 USD. However, this kind of aircraft ensures more safety, features, premium seating, extra space, etc. 

What is the maintenance and storage cost of a small plane?

The first place where you can keep your private plane is a hangar or outdoors on your own property, but if you do not have that, you will need to rent a space at the airport for your plane, which can cost up to 300 to 500. Maintenance costs must be calculated when buying a private plane, and they must be around 10% to 40% of the yearly operating expenses. The cost will vary according to the aircraft type, class, and model. Certain planes require a yearly inspection, which can cost up to 750USD to 1800USD.

How much are the registration fees and taxes when buying a small private plane?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, any small private plane, charter plane, or other plane needs to be re-registered every three years, and it will cost nearly 5 USD to 20 USD, depending upon the type of the plane. There are certain taxes that every buyer needs to pay, which will depend upon the country or state. 

Some of the cheapest Planes to buy

There are multiple cheapest plane options available, from which you can buy one according to your requirements. Some of the smallest planes are mentioned further. 

Ercoupe 415-D

  • The price range is between 30000USD
  • Fuel consumption is
  • The maximum range of this aircraft is 300 miles

Cessna 150

  • The maximum range is 350 miles
  • The starting price is 35000USD
  • The number of passengers who can travel is 1

Beechcraft Skipper

  • This aircraft has a range of 475 miles
  • 02 passengers can sit
  • It cost nearly 34000USD