• 21 May, 2024
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How much does Emirates charge for seat selection?

When a passenger is willing to travel with Emirates, having a preferable seat can help make the flight journey more comfortable and convenient. However, if, at the time of reservation, you cannot acquire your desired seat, which you want to select after completing the reservation process, then it is quite possible. Emirates gives its clients the flexibility to go ahead with the seat selection process, which could cost you between 15-135$, depending on your seat type. If you further want to know about the procedures and policies regarding the same concern, then all you have to do is consider the information. 

How do I select a seat on Emirates?

Emirates believes in providing the best services to its passengers, and it offers them the ability to select their seats in advance so that they will have a more comfortable journey. However, if the airline assigns you a seat that does not match your preferences, then you can select the seat of your choice. But it is essential that you are fully aware of the mediums before choosing. There are numerous ways to pick a seat in Emirates; you will be enlightened about them in the read below.

Use the online process to select a seat:

To select the seat on Emirates you can use the online process. It is one of the meticulous ways, and you need to obey the steps given below:

  • Go to the official web link of Emirates.
  • On the homepage, you will get the option to Manage My Booking. Click on that option.
  • Now, enter the booking reference code and the passenger's last name in the following sections. Tap on the continue option.
  • Flight details will be fetched on the screen, and you need to click on the Select or Change link.
  • Complete the required process and the airline will send you a verification text on your email or mobile phone.

Select the seat through calling medium:

You can use the phone call process to select a seat on Emirates. This is one of the meteoric ways, and you need to dial 1 800 777 3999, the customer support number. After making the call, it will be forwarded to the automatic voice of the computer. It will assist you with the IVR steps. Listen to it carefully, and depending on the query, press the key. The call will be routed to the customer service agent. They will provide you with complete assistance for the seat selection.

What are the seat selection policies of Emirates?

When you select a seat on Emirates there are some rules and regulations for it. There are some seat selection policies of Emirates that are highlighted below:

  • The passenger can only select a seat on Emirates if it is available in their preferred class. 
  • After check-in, the passengers are not allowed to select a seat.
  • The pregnant women will not get seats near emergency exist or in the front row.
  • If the passenger select a seat two hours before check-in then the airline will charge a higher amount for it.
  • Seat selection will depend on the ticket type.