• 17 Jun, 2024
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What is Air Arabia's policy on international flights for pregnant passengers?

Air Arabia is one of the genuine customer-centric airlines that ensures you have a safe and comfortable journey while you are pregnant. Air Arabia understands the delicacy of pregnant women and, hence, has come up with certain rules. You should be aware of the applicable terms and conditions to have the best experience. Besides, if you want to know how many weeks pregnant you are, can you fly internationally via Air Arabia? The article includes everything in detail. Read it until the end and you can have all the necessary information when traveling while pregnant in Air Arabia. 

How many weeks pregnant can you fly internationally in Air Arabia?

When traveling pregnant with Air Arabia, you can fly up to by the end of the 35Th week of pregnancy. However, you need to present the medical certificate having the exact number of weeks of pregnancy and that you are fit to fly. The doctor's signature should be there on the certificate and must be issued within 14 days.

The airline does not allow you to travel in the 36th week of pregnancy. Besides, if you have Twins or Triplets, make sure to complete the travel by the end of the 32nd week. It means your return should be completed by the 32nd week of pregnancy. 

Terms and Conditions when traveling pregnant with Air Arabia

In case you are traveling during pregnancy, here are the several terms and conditions you should consider: 

The airline will carry pregnant women for up to 28 weeks, provided you submit the 'EXPECTANT MOTHER INDEMNITY FORM' available during check-in. 

The airline will carry a pregnant woman after the completion of the 28th week and up to 36 weeks or up to the 32nd week; if you expect multiple births, provide the medical report or letter to the airline. 

The medical certificate or letter you provide should confirm you are pregnant and should be in English. The doctor's sign and stamp should be there confirming:

  • The number of weeks you are pregnant 
  • Expected delivery date 
  • The pregnancy state is normal 
  • You are fit to travel for at least the outbound journey 

The date of issuance on the letter should be 14 days or less from the departure date. You need to provide the EXPECTANT MOTHER INDEMNITY FORM' available during check-in.

The airline does not allow you to fly after the completion of the 36 weeks.

You need to provide the medical clearance certificate in case you are willing to travel within seven days after delivery. Infants are not allowed to travel for 48 hours after delivery, and they also need medical clearance to travel if they travel between 3 and 7 days after delivery. 

Things to consider when traveling during pregnancy 

The airline does not represent at any particular point during the pregnancy that travel is safe for you. You should seek advice from your doctors before traveling. 

Few countries impose restrictions on the entry of non-national pregnant women. In that case, check the embassy or consulate in the destination country before traveling to that destination. 

You know your body better than anyone else. Make sure you don't take risks if any issues or trouble occur. Besides, stay hydrated throughout the journey and walk a little to maintain the blood flow. 

Conclusion: Air Arabia allows you to travel up to 35 weeks of pregnancy if your doctor confirms you are fit to fly and the exact number of weeks. In case of multiple births like Twins or triplets, you can travel only up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Make sure you have the signed and stamped certificate from the doctor, confirming you are fit to travel. For more information, speak to Air Arabia customer service directly.