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How many miles does it take to upgrade from economy to premium economy Air France?

Air France provides various flight options to their passengers along with extra facilities and comfort so that each passenger can enjoy their flights and feel at home. For that experience, you need to upgrade your selected flight cabin for the journey. An upgrade option on the airline's official site follows the procedure to upgrade the cabin class. Some specific policies and terms will help you upgrade the flight without paying extra expenses.

There are various ways to upgrade flights, including offline and online. Both ways are explained below, so go through it and finish the work. 

If the passenger is traveling in the economy, then they can switch to the premium economy, in which seats are distinctive, and each cabin class has a fixed shall that has its fans and detractors. Before that, one must know about the Air France premium economy. 

About Air France's premium economy

Premium economy is available on widebody aircraft, including Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A330, and Airbus A350. 

Premium economy carries facilities that can range from being just like economy class to being closer to the business class. The Air France premium economy products are more advanced than the economy but closer to the business class. 

What facilities are provided to Air France premium economy passengers at the lounge?

Lounge: First, there are lounge facilities where they can rest at the time of check-in. The lounge option is on the basis of availability. The amount will not be published in advance and may vary by airport. 

Check-in: At check-in time, Air France premium economy passengers can enjoy the sky priority status and premium check-in, where the person will get a separate lane to go ahead towards the airline terminal and will be first to sit in the flight cabin. 

Baggage allowances for Air France Premium Economy 

Sky priority benefits give allowance to baggage delivery upon arrival ( priority bags are marked with the yellow Air France/sky team priority flag added to the printed bag tag at the check-in. 

All premium economy passengers can check in two bags up to 23 kilograms. Like most European airline carriers, Air France agents typically monitor carry-on bag weight at check-in or at the time of boarding process, and there's additional flexibility for premium economy passengers there, too, and permits two pieces in the cabin with a combined weight of up to 18 kilos. 

Economy passengers are allowed to take up to 1 checked bag up to 23 kg if they buy a flight that includes a checked bag. Carry-on bags have stricter limits, too. One backpack and one personal item are permitted not to exceed 12 kilos. 

Benefits of premium economy passenger on Air France 

  • More giant, cloth-covered feather pillows and fleece blankets are available to premium economy passengers.
  • Premium economy passengers will also get a water bottle in the flight cabin at their seat during boarding. 
  • Passengers also receive a comfort kit that includes an eye mask, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, and sanitary headset earpiece covers. 

Are miles needed to upgrade to Air France premium economy?

Yes, miles are needed to travel to Air France premium economy, but Fly Blue members can expect to pay between 10000 to 30000 miles for an upgrade from economy to premium economy. Delta SkyMiles members can also utilize the SkyMiles to upgrade the premium economy on Air France, which is related to the SkyMiles program. 

For further details, feel free to connect with this article and clear the doubts completely, or you can connect with the Air France team for better output.