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Acquire details on the boarding groups on Southwest.

Southwest is one of the most significant airlines in the United States and operates on a low-cost carrier model. It provides you with the most pleasing boarding groups depending on the type of flight, time, and other factors you must review. When you need to get priority boarding, it is crucial to check out the kind of boarding group that you can upgrade to get the ability to upgrade your boarding position to A1- A15. You can check out the Southwest boarding groups within 24 hours before your flight departure, depending on availability. Such a process will allow you to board the aircraft first, choose your preferred available seat, and access the overhead bin space where you are sitting on the Southwest flight. If you want more information about the Boarding group, review the details.

How many boarding groups are there in Southwest?

When you fly with Southwest, you will be assigned the three boarding groups, A, B, or C, and your position will be 1-60 upon check-in. You can also check out the boarding system, which has six groups, including A1- A30, A31- A60, B1- B30, B31- B60, C1- C30, and C31- C60. Each of these groups represents a set of numerous passengers and allows you to board the plane in a separate order. This process can significantly impact where you sit and enjoy the boarding experience. To learn more about the Southwest boarding group, see the details below.

  • Group A:

The first boarding group includes you with its EarlyBird Check-In, Business fares, and A-List and A-List preferred members. So, if you are in Group A, you get the earliest boarding positions, which you can choose from the broadest available seats efficiently. 

  • Group B:

When you select Group B to board your flight, it generally follows Group A and provides general boarding passes when you check in early but are not eligible for Group A. But if you purchase Anytime fares or upgrade to EarlyBird Check-In, you will get the boarding process as Group A. 

  • Group C:

Group C is the final boarding group, available for passengers who checked in later or purchased Wanna Get Away fares. It is the lowest-priced ticket, which you can use to make the last choice of seats among the general boarding groups periodically. 

What is the order of boarding on Southwest?

When you fly to your destination with Southwest and are willing to make your flight journey suitable, you need to know what is the order of boarding on Southwest and complete the boarding process in the appropriate manner below.

 Family boarding and seating:

When you fly with your family, including a six-year-old or younger child, you must check out Southwest Airlines' boarding facilities. To get more information, check out the easy points below.

  • When two adults travel with a six-year-old child, you will quickly receive family boarding facilities and Group A and Group B boarding services.
  • Get enough open boarding seats to sit with your child, select the family boarding group, and check out the A Boarding passes and board in the assigned boarding position.
  • When you travel with a child of 13 years old, you can send a request to seat a child next to you and avoid paying any charges. 


If you require spPreboardingtance and need help with disabilities, families with children under six or unaccompanied minors are allowed to board first. It ensures that you have enough time to settle comfortably. Read more about Southwest's early board work.


When you travel in business class fares, you board after the pre-boarding group and can choose preferred seats in front of the seats. 

You also get the boarding order in sequences via Earlybird check-in, general boarding, and Late Arrivals and complete the Boarding on Southwest Airlines easily.