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How to get a refund for a flight?

Traveling with your family and friends on an airline is an exciting and rejuvenating experience. Even so, there can arise conditions and scenarios when you would like to cancel the booking that has been made due to unavoidable circumstances. The best scheme of plan that an airline offers in these situations is to offer a refund for the same.

In the situation where you are planning on getting a refund, be well-informed of the process and policy about the same, which has been discussed here elaborately. 

Attributes concerning refund policy with airlines:

There are certain aspects of the flight refund policy, to which you need to adhere if there is a need to make a requisite for a refund from the specific airline to which you would like to travel. The pointers for the same are as follows:

  • You are entitled to request a refund from the airline in case the flight was canceled by the airline without giving you any prior notification. 
  • A refund is also given to you in case the airline has moved you to a lower class than the one you made a booking for. The difference in fare would be credited as a refund.
  • In case there has been a schedule change or there is a delay in the flight from the scheduled departure time, you can cancel and ask for a refund as per the reservation you have made. The refund amount depends on the time of the delay and the total time duration of the flight. 
  • All the refundable ticket fares allow you to get a full refund from the airline under situations that opt to cancel the same. 

Particulars connected to the airline's refund process:

Once you go over the flight refund rules with the airline, it becomes quite easy to initiate the refund process. There are divergent modes of connection available for the same, the details of which are given here:

Using the official website:

The refund from the airline can be enquired about through the official website. You need to fill out the refund request form provided by the airline. Once submitted, it would be looked upon by the team of the airline, and accordingly, the refund would be initiated. 

Via call:

A direct call can be placed to the airline's customer service team to request a refund per your needs. The agent from the team would take in all the details and help you with getting the refund as per the scenario.

Visit the airport:

You can visit the airport ticket office where all the queries about refund would be taken care of. The staff at the airport would enquire about all the details of the flight booking made and accordingly process the refund request made. 

Average time duration for refund request made:

For the flight refund requested, a total of 7 business days is taken for credit card payment and 20 business days for payment through cash or cheque.