• 29 Apr, 2024
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How do I choose my seat on Emirates?

Many prefer picking out their seats in advance when flying on an Emirates flight. Choosing a seat of their preference could enhance the travel experience and comfort during the journey. You may seek a seat in the aisle, beside the window, want extra legroom, or have other preferences; you can pick the seat of your choice when reserving a flight at Emirates. Now, understand the procedure and conditions of Emirates seat selection in the following context. 

Procedure to select a seat during reservation

If you would like to get a seat of your preference on the Emirates flight, you can make your pick at the time of reservation. The steps that are necessary to be followed are:

  • Open the Emirates homepage and select the Search Flights tab,
  • Enter the destinations with the date to make your search,
  • After finding a suitable flight, choose the Book Now option,
  • You will have to start by adding passenger details,
  • Then select the "Seat Selection" option,
  • Pick your preferred seat on the appeared seat map,
  • Pay the total fare to complete your booking with Emirates with your preferred seat. 

Procedure to select a seat on an Emirates flight from the website

The selection of the seat can be made from the website after you have confirmed your reservation with Emirates. The procedure for seat selection is as follows:

  • First, access the website of Emirates Airlines on your browser,
  • Select the "Manage" tab and click the link "Select your seats",
  • On the transferred page, you must put your Last Name and Booking Reference,
  • Then, hit the "Retrieve Booking" option,
  • As your itinerary loads on the new page, you will obtain the seat map as well,
  • Now, you must pick your preferred seat from the available options,
  • Next, pay the fee if required to confirm the seat selection. 

Conditions for selecting a seat on Emirates flight

The major conditions for being able to get a seat of your choice on the Emirates flight are listed here:

  • Seat selection must be requested before obtaining the flight boarding pass. 
  • The waived fee, depending on the seat you pick, should be paid by the passenger.
  • In case of a flight cancellation, the seat fee paid earlier will not be refunded along with the ticket fare on any condition. 
  • Travelers who booked with a non-flexible fare will not be allowed to select a seat in advance. 
  • The preference for assigning the seat will be provided to the premium Emirates members. 
  • A booking made by a third party is not considered for seat selection contacting Emirates.

How early can you choose seats on Emirates?

A seat on an Emirates flight can be selected anytime from the point of reservation until check-in. Emirates allows passengers to choose the required seat at the time of reservation as well as after that. So, according to your needs, you can pick the best seat to fly from your destination hassle-free. 

How to select a seat in Emirates for free?

A seat selection fee is imposed for picking a seat in advance on an Emirates flight. However, the seat selection will be complimentary for travelers who have booked the flight in a higher class, such as First Class or Business Class. The passengers who wait for the last moment can also ask for a suitable seat at the time of check-in at the airport for no additional cost. 

How much does Emirates charge for seat selection?

When choosing a preferred seat on the plane for a comfortable journey, the cost might concern you. On average, the fee for seat selection on the Emirates flight falls between $20 and $150. The total fee for the seat selection will be calculated depending on the fare class and the seat you pick.