• 08 Jul, 2024
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How do I change the flight date online in Avianca?

In certain instances, it is important for a traveler to change the date of a scheduled flight at Avianca. The requirement for the date changes can occur due to numerous reasons, and for that, Avianca has availed flexibility on the bookings. Now, for a date change on the flight ticket, you might seek to make the modification online. It is one of the convenient methods a traveler prefers for the desired changes and requirements. Now, learn how to modify the date of the already booked flight at Avianca from the segment below. 

Process of changing an Avianca flight online:

  • Start with visiting the official page of Avianca on your web browser,

  • You need to select the “Your Reservation” tab on the homepage,
  • Then select the “Manage My Reservation” option,
  • You will need to input your ticket confirmation code and last name in the provided columns,
  • After that, click the search icon to obtain your reservation details on the site,
  • Once the new page loads, select your booking and opt for the “Date Change” option,
  • You will have proceeded to set your required date for the new requirement,
  • Then, pick a suitable flight scheduled on that date to proceed,
  • Pay the fee, if necessary, or the flight difference to complete the date change on your Avianca flight.

What are the policies for changing a flight date at Avianca?

When seeking changes on the flight date of your Avianca flight, you must review the policies imposed on it. The policies that you should be aware of for a date change are as follows:

  • Modification of a date on a reserved flight is allowed before the departure of the flight. 
  • A fee will be incurred for requesting changes of the date on the Avianca flight reservation based on fare type. 
  • If someone manages to make the necessary date change to their reservation within 24 hours, then they will not have to pay the additional fee. 
  • In case of a higher fare of the new flight ticket during the date change, the difference amount would be needed to be settled. 
  • The tickets purchased on sale are not subject to changing the date of the flight. 
  • Changing the date of a reserved Avianca flight is subject to availability. 
  • Booking through promotional offers also restricts a person from changing the date of their flight. 
  • A person can rebook their flight on a new date free of cost when Avianca delays the original flight for more than 3 hours. Read in detail about flight date change.

What are the conditions for changing Avianca flight dates online?

One must be aware that there are some conditions applicable to be eligible to request the flight date change online with Avianca. The applicable conditions for the same are outlined here:

  • The flight ticket must have been purchased directly with Avianca to request changes online. A ticket booked through a third-party agent needs to be changed by contacting the same party. 
  • If the flight ticket was purchased from the ticket office, it would not be possible to make the suitable date change by accessing the reservation on Avianca’s site. 
  • One must make the desired date change of the reserved flight, 35 minutes prior to the flight’s boarding time. 

What is Avianca's contact number for requesting a flight date change?

It is possible you will not find the online method suitable for changing the date of the Avianca flight, and you would like to approach an official through a call. The contact number that can provide you with an official to make a request for a date change on your flight is 1866-919-0081. When you consider calling the help desk of Avianca to make your request, ensure to keep your reservation details handy to share with the official for a speedy procedure.