• 09 Sep, 2023
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Can I Get a Full Refund If My Flight Is Rescheduled?

The passenger is indeed eligible for a refund when the flight gets rescheduled without any prior notification to them, and there are chances that they will miss the connecting flight scheduled. But, the refund is subject to major factors like; what is the total time by which the flight was delayed, the unavoidable situation that arises, and the duration of the flight. The passengers usually get a refund for the full amount after careful analysis of the reason stated.

Passengers form the crux of the various policies that are formulated by the airline. All the major to minor changes that are made for the betterment of the working of the airline are done keeping in mind the interests of the passengers. The situation arises many times when the flight is rescheduled by an airline due to technical issues or weather conditions. In such instances, the passenger is indeed entitled to get full refund. 

Why is the passenger not given a full refund?

Many airlines do not provide passengers with a full refund for the request made, even if the flight was rescheduled by the airline. These are usually the non-refundable tickets that the passenger has made a booking with. To get a full refund, it would be better for the passenger to purchase the flexi fares or refundable tickets where there is a surety of full refunds. The airline also offers vouchers, credits, and coupon codes to the passenger in place of the refund amount. 

Is there any rescheduled flight compensation?

Yes, some airlines offer passengers flight rescheduled compensation along with a refund amount if the passenger has to look for alternative flight options due to the changes in flight timings instigated by the airline. The compensatory amount purely depends on flight fare, class type, and the destination to which the journey was scheduled. 

Explain the process followed for a refund with the airline:

The basic process to be followed to request a refund from an airline is through the submission of a refund request form through the official website. The passenger can check the detailed process for initiation of refund through the steps given below:

  • Use the official website of the airline.
  • Move over the page to find the My Trip/ My Booking page.
  • Enter the credentials to retrieve the booking made.
  • Find the flight reservation details of the flight and select the cancel booking tab.
  • Once the flight is canceled, the passenger will be able to avail the refund request form with the airline.
  • Fill in all the details and submit, wherein the passenger will get provided with a ticket number.
  • The ticket number can be used by the passenger in the future to check the status of the refund initiated.

Wrapping Up: The passenger will now have a clear understanding of the process, various considerations, and restrictions that are associated with the refund in case the airline has made changes in the flight timing. The airline customer support team is always available on call for a passenger if they face any further difficulties. 

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