• 23 Apr, 2024
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Vital Dos and Don'ts for International Air Travel

Whether a person is a first-time flier or a frequent, they often search for essential do's and don'ts for International Flights. This comes against the backdrop of convenient processes from checking in to Getting aboard with your airline. This also avoids any hazards due to hotch-potch at the security checkpoints and other things. So, for a better picture of the same, you can consider the following points and understand the same; 

Explore all the Do's for International flights.

For a wonderful inflight experience, you only need a kickstart from the airport. This is only possible when you are fully aware of all the do's for your International journey. To know about the same in detail, you are requested to take note of the following points elaborated below; please have a look:

Hedge your bets by knowing the baggage rules. 

  • You must know their baggage rules regardless of the airline you fly or wish to fly with. 
  • In case you breach any set baggage rules or somehow exceed the set baggage limits, your concerned airline may put some additional charges on you, or you can be barred from taking the concerned excess baggage. 
  • The limitations are not only the restrictions but also expand to the type of item you can and cannot carry; for example, more than 100ml of any liquid can't be taken, and powder must be predicted to be 35 KG but not above that. 
  • Thus, you must review the baggage rules or connect with the officials to learn about them. 

Review all the documents before heading towards the airport. 

  • You must always review the notification provided by the airline to identify what documents are necessary to carry and what should not be. 
  • Cases occur when the airline does not allow passengers for not carrying ID proof and original Passport. 
  • Thus, to avoid such a scenario, contact the officials and determine the document requirements. 

Be seated nicely. 

  • Once you are aboard a plane, you must consider your personal space and your fellow passengers' space. 
  • You must not invade their privacy; however, it is restricted to seats. Though, you can communicate and greet. 

Prepare for long flights. 

  • Flying for long hours is usually exhausting; thus, to avoid it, consume Vitamin C to boost your immune system. 
  • Keep moving your body before the flight to be seated for long hours. 
  • You must prepare a separate list of movies and songs you can watch and listen to (respectively) during your journey.  

Highlights on some Don'ts for International flights. 

Being aware of all the Dos is not solely complete; thus, it is essential to know the other side of the coin related to Don'ts for International flights. Please look at the following points.

Have faith in security personnel. 

  • You must remember that security personnel are responsible for checking each flier carefully to prevent hazards, hijackings, etc. 
  • You must cooperate during the process so it can happen swiftly. 
  • If any of your objects are sent for X-ray verification, etc., you do not need to argue or question them, as they are determined to do everything for the safety of travelers. 

Don't be impatient. 

  • Imagine you have not checked in online, and you are at the airport finding a long queue for the check-in; you must not lose your temper,  be patient, let the people check in who are next, and wait for your turn. 
  • This case not only restricts checks but also expands at the time of boarding or getting aboard. 

Don't leave for later. 

  • If you are unsure about the flight timings, don't wait a day for the departure to approach the officials. 
  • It's your duty to stay informed about all updates, such as flight times, terminal numbers, etc., so you can get aboard on time without any hassle. 
  • This applies to fliers who do not know the baggage limitations, check-in timings, and other details; ensure you are well aware of everything. 

Don't be late and inform immediately. 

  • An unavoidable circumstance can take place due to which a flier plans to cancel the journey; in such cases, you must immediately inform the agent so they can find you alternatives. 
  • If you inform the agents early, the chances of getting alternative flights, a 100% refund, etc., go high.
  • It's not about cancellation; imagine you are running late, and you will not be able to approach the airport on time; in such cases, you must immediately approach the officials and inform them about the same. 
  • Despite the availability of wheelchairs at the airport instantly, you must approach the officials before approaching the airport. Hence, they can pre-arrange everything and no hassle-bustle occurs at the last moment. 

No complexity will be left once you go through the highlights on every aspect related to do's and don'ts for International fliers. You can fly freely and confidently with all the facts written above. However, if you are still in doubt about anything, you can get in touch with your concerned airline customer service team, who will resolve every issue. Also get information about Travel Guide for International Trips.