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Does United Airlines have group rates?

Passengers of United Airlines are allowed to make Group bookings if the total number of passengers in the group is 10 or more than 10 passengers. The origin point and arrival point must be identical for all the group members and they need to fly in the same aircraft to avail of the United group booking. This post will provide you the information about the United Airlines group booking, walk through it.

How do I book multiple people on United?

Suppose you have the responsibility to make multiple bookings for your family and relatives but you do not know how to make the booking for your group. For more detailed information you can read out the below-mentioned process and utilize any one of the methods according to your preferences:

  • Place a call To customer service at United Airlines
  • Fill out the Group booking form for United Airlines

Place a call to the customer service at United Airlines

A method that is the most popular when it comes to contacting the customer service team of United is the phone call method. Yes, from Monday to Sunday, you can readily seek help from the team of United and can also ask queries related to group booking. A go-to-guide process is given for passengers who are in the US or Canada here walk through these:

  • Use your phone and call the number 1800 426 1122.
  • Select another language if you do not want to talk in English.
  • Pay attention to the information given by automated voice.
  • Press the corresponding button leading to the advisor of United.
  • Share passenger's related details and ask them to reserve the seats.
  • Soon, the agent will contact you to share the details about the group booking.

Passengers who are not from the US or Canada can contact directly to their regional United Customer Contact Center.

Fill out the Group booking form for United Airlines

For the convenience of the passengers those who are not comfortable in communicating with the executive on the call or do not want to wait in the long phone queues can opt for the Group booking form. To fill out the form you need to visit the United Airlines Business website in your browser and then follow the guidelines. the points to fill out the group booking are listed below:

  • Navigate through the website of United Business.
  • Scroll down a little and you will see the Book group travel option.
  • Click it and a form will appear on your screen.
  • Share all your appropriate information in the boxes.
  • Follow the on-screen details and complete the the form filling.

Does United offer group discounts?

United Airlines offers group discounts to passengers traveling with business associates families, friends, or the sports team. Group occupying 5 rooms minimum can avail all the additional benefits of a group booking. These benefits involve promotional codes that can be redeemed for grabbing discounts, in addition, you can also get exclusive non-stop vacation flight credits. If you also want to enjoy all these perks and benefits then request the group booking with the customer service of United without any further delay.

How does United Airlines group booking work?

For a passenger who is looking for the answer to How United Airlines group booking works lies in the following line. As you will go on united.com you will be able to purchase tickets for 8 passengers at the same time. If you have 9 passengers for the United group then you can seek assistance from the Executive of United using phone number 1 800 864 8331 if you are in the US and Canada, otherwise, contact the regional Unite customer Contact Group. for more than 10 people fill out the United Airlines group travel form.


1. How do I get a group ticket on United Airlines?

United Airlines has a simple method for booking multiple tickets that anyone can opt for and the method is filling out Group booking form. As you finish filling out the form, you make a quote on behalf of your group. Normally United Airlines takes 2-3 working days to respond regarding your booking quote. Another method is buzzing on the helpline number of customer service executives of United Airlines. Explain your concern and the agent will help you.

2. How many people is a group booking?

Generally, most of the airlines offer a group booking for at least 10 members. United Airlines also allows a group of 10 members to quote the group request, however, more than 10 passengers are also eligible for the group booking. For more help, you can read this post and learn about the group travel booking process; if you need instant help place a call to United.


Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, business colleagues, or sports team members, United Airlines provides you with the golden opportunity to make your journey memorable. Hopefully, this guide offered you valuable information that you can use for reserving multiple seats on United Airlines.