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United Airlines Pet Policy:

Traveling with your pet to make wonderful memories is always fun. Still, if you want to travel over the sea with United, the passengers are recommended to check the terms and conditions of United Airlines to bring a dog or cat on your trip as the Airline follows a few rules. Here you will find the essential details you need to know regardless of which furry member you have.

  • United Airlines allows their passengers to travel with their pets in the cabin only when there is space available however each person can travel with up to two pets only. If you want to travel with your pet then you should purchase their seats.
  • Some countries do not allow pets so you should make sure to carry all the essential paperwork and proof of vaccination to avoid the consequences.
  • United does not have limitations on weight or breed but there is one condition that should be fulfilled by the pet owner, You can bring your pet either in a soft or hard-sided carrier and the carrier must fit under the seat in front of you or the traveler cannot travel with their pet.
  • However, the Airline allows pets without a pet carrier as are service animals that are over 4 months old and trained to perform tasks.
  • The height and length of hard - the soft carrier must not exceed the issued by the Airline i.e height should be 9 inches or 22cm, length 17.5 inches or 44 cm, width 12 inches 30 cm for the hard-sided carrier, and soft side carrier height 11 inches or 27cm, length 18 inches or 45cm and width 11 inches or 27cm.
  • To check-in for the scheduled flight, you must have your own and pet's confirmation number which is received at your valid email address.
  • There is one main restriction that you need to follow who are flying with their pets then make sure that the pet must be in their cabin door closed under the seat during the flight.
  • In case, you are traveling with the service animal, you may be required to fill out the Department of Transportation form which will ask for a few essential details such as pet's weight, breed, vaccination, and vet information.
  • If you want to travel with your service pet on a domestic flight then you can book the seats while making a booking online and choose the service animal option but for the international flight you may be required to call the United customer support agent directly due to specific country has specific rules for pet travel.
  • Pets are not allowed to travel with their unaccompanied minors.

How much does United Airlines charge for a dog?

Generally, the charges of United Airlines for a dog may vary as it is subject to various factors such as domestic/international flight, travel time, fare class, and other rules. Still, it may cost you nearly $125 for each way to fly with your pet in the travel cabin. However, if you have a connecting flight the additional charges of $125 may apply but if the international flight exceeds more than 4 hours or 24 hours then the extra additional charges will apply.

Can I buy my dog a seat on a plane?

Yes, travelers are allowed to purchase a seat on United Airlines but there is one condition the owner's seat should be next to their pet seats so that they can easily take care of them and other travelers do not face any difficulty during their trip. But the passengers are not allowed to choose a Business class or First class due to the seat designs if you are flying with your pet-in-travel cabin then there is only an option to buy the adjacent seats whose size and weight are the same. You may be required to pay the extra charges to purchase the seat for your pet.

Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight?

United Airlines allows their travelers to bring their pets to the travel cabin but they need to follow one rule that the pet should be inside the carrier only however the carrier size measurement is given in the above-mentioned information as it may vary from airline to airline. You should keep the carrier under the seat only as pets are not allowed to sit on their owner's lap during the flight.


United does not allow pets who do not fit under the carrier so if your dog is less than 4 months you can bring it to the flight otherwise more than 4 months pets are not allowed in the travel cabin. Only pets are allowed outside the carrier are the service animals with their trainers. To learn more about the rules and regulations of travel with a pet on United Airlines, kindly read the above-given information as it covers all the major questions that come up to the owner's mind whenever they plan to travel with pets.