• 28 Mar, 2024
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Does KLM charge for seat assignment?

For the standard seat that you would like to select, there is no additional cost charged by the team of the airline. All the other seating options, like the Economy Comfort seat, the Premium Comfort seat, and Business Class seat all need to be reserved with the airline at a specific fee, during the check-in process. In case you fail to select the seats during the check-in time, the airline will assign a seat for you at no cost levied for the same.

How do I choose my seat on KLM?

There are divergent modes that have been made available with KLM if you would like to make the seat selection with them. The details of the same are given here as follows:

Seat selection via the online portal:

The most preferred mode to select seats with an airline is through the online portal. The methodology that needs to be followed through to successfully make the seat selection is:

  • Thumb across the official website of KLM.
  • Scan over the landing page to find the My Trip headline.
  • Write in the details as being asked to retrieve the booking.
  • Scroll down to find the flight booking that was made.
  • Browse through the menu list to find the Select My Seat icon.
  • Click on it to access the Seat Map guide provided.
  • Pick out the seat as per your choice and make the payment.
  • The details will be shared via email with you.

Choosing the seat with the airline on call:

A call can be made to the airline's customer support team to select the seats. The representative will get connected once you dial, +1 800 618 0104. Give in the details of the seat selection you need to make so that the representative can help you find your preferred seat accordingly.

Making seat selection at the airport:

Under conditions that the seat was not selected by you during the booking or check-in process, the airline gives you the liberty to get assigned a seat at the airport. The preferred selection of seats at the airport purely depends on the availability of the specific seats with the airline. Usually, a seat would be assigned by the team at the airport, and if you want to choose your seat, a fee would be charged for the same.

Does KLM seat families together?

KLM always ensures the family traveling in a group is seated together. If the airline cannot seat the families together, they would try their best to provide seating where a kid is seated next to an adult from the group. Herein, if you must sit together collectively, it can be ensured by reserving the seats with the airline well in advance by making a minor seat selection fee for the same.

Can you choose a seat after booking a flight?

Yes, KLM allows you to choose the seat even after the booking process is complete. It can be done during the check-in process with the airline, which starts 30 to 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure. Also know about the flight cancellation policy.