• 24 May, 2024
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Seek guidance on getting a refund when JetBlue's price drops.

Traveling to your destination with JetBlue Airlines is always a beneficial option as they provide plenty of services, special assistance for disabled passengers, and the opportunity to earn miles while traveling. However, due to external factors like off-season, bad weather, etc., fewer passengers travel, and as a result, the price of JetBlue Airlines fluctuates. If you need more information about getting a refund for JetBlue's price drops, go through the information below. 

Does JetBlue give a refund if the price drops?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines provides a refund if a customer's flight price drops; the customer can get a 50 USD credit into their JetBlue account. The airline will refund the fare difference if they check the lower fare of the same flight the customer already booked, and the refund will be provided within 24 hours after submitting the request. There are specific points that a customer will need to follow to get a refund when the price drops and these points are below points.

  • You will need to inform the airlines within the same day, and you will get a refund within 24 hours of the booking.
  • When contacting the representatives, you must provide the PNR number and URL of the website on which you will see the price drop information.
  • The airlines will not provide any kind of credit if the customer cancels the bookings and gets a refund.
  • To qualify for this travel credit, the air carrier's and passengers' details must be matched.
  • The price drop option applies to the unused portion of your one-way and round-trip tickets and flights originating from the US. It does not apply to refundable fares or interline travel.
  • If you make the bookings using any offer or discount, the price drop facility will not apply to you.

How will JetBlue refund me over a price drop?

You can also use the online option to check whether you will get a refund over the price drop. The online option is always beneficial as it is available for 24 hours, so you can check the updates anytime. If you do not have information about the check process, you can go through the below. 

  • Search for the official website of JetBlue 
  • Then choose the log-in account option and mention your log-in information
  • After that, go to my bookings and tap over that on which you want to get a refund
  • By doing that, you can check the status of your refund. 

Can I communicate with JetBlue Airlines' customer service?

Yes, you can also communicate with JetBlue Airlines customer service to get a refund when the price of your flight drops. The executive will also help you know policies, instructions, time taken to get a refund, etc, and there are different options you can use to communicate with them. However, the preferable medium of assistance is a call, as you will get immediate information. To apply for a price drop refund by connecting with JetBlue executives, you will need to follow the process mentioned below. 

  • Make the call to this number 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)
  • Then you must choose the language in which you are looking to take the assistance 
  • Following that from the options of the IVR, make the selection of that which relates to the queries
  • Doing that, the call will transferred to the expert to provide your booking information and other necessary details to them
  • Lastly, the expert will apply for your refund. 

With the help of the above information, you will know Does JetBlue gives a refund if the price drops. Still, in case any query email is unsolved, then you can also reach the official website of JetBlue or you can also send your queries over the email to there representatives.