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Does Frontier allow pregnant women to fly?

Frontier Airlines is a reputed airline that provides passenger-centric policies and services. The airlines have special rules for all categories of passengers, ensuring no one struggles or faces any trouble while on board. Suppose you are a pregnant woman or you are traveling with pregnant women. If you are concerned about whether Frontier Airlines allows pregnant women to fly, the short answer is yes. However, the airline has specific rules and regulations to ensure pregnant women's and their children's safety. In this article, we will educate you about, What is the cut-off month for flying when pregnant? Frontier Airlines pregnant women flying terms and conditions, etc

Frontier Airlines Pregnant Women Travel Policy

The pregnant women at Frontier Airlines might need to present a medical certificate from their doctor before flying based on the stage and circumstances of the pregnancy. For the well-being of children and pregnant women's safety, Frontier Airlines restricts pregnant women from flying in case they have any complications in the past or sometime if they are 36 weeks or beyond.

In Volaris flight, pregnant women might fly with no restrictions during their 35 weeks of pregnancy. In the 36th week, the pregnant woman must provide a medical certificate or execute the release of responsibility in Volari's favor, available at the ticket counter or Volaris gate.

For Frontier flights, the pregnant women must consult with their doctor to know if it is safe for them to travel by air, considering the fact that there might be the possibility of cabin pressurization, turbulence, and increased risk of deep vein thrombosis because of pregnancy and lack of access to immediate medical care. It is crucial for women in their 9-months who are requested to obtain an examination from the physician a few hours before flying to confirm that air travel is safe for them.

Women who have a history of premature delivery or complications should not travel in case they are pregnant. By traveling with Frontier Flights, you acknowledge and accept the risk mentioned.

What is the cut-off month for flying with Frontier when pregnant?

If the pregnant woman has a pregnancy of 36 weeks or above, they might need to provide a medical certificate or letter from their doctor that they are fit and healthy and is safe to travel, considering the risks they might face in the air.

Does Frontier Airlines allow pregnant women to fly?

Yes! Frontier Airlines allows pregnant women to fly subject to various terms and conditions. If you travel after eight months, you should check with your doctor and get confirmation that you are safe to travel and there is no restriction. Although flying when you are pregnant doesn't usually cause problems, sometimes air travel may cause complications or premature labor. So, if you are pregnant, check with your physician before traveling. If you travel with Frontier Airlines, you acknowledge and accept the risk caused by turbulence, pressurization, etc.

What information should be included if a pregnant woman needs a medical certificate?

In case you need a medical certificate from your doctor to ensure you are ok to travel, here are some information that must be there:

  • Pregnant woman's name and date of birth
  • Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)
  • Proposed dates of air travel confirmed by a doctor
  • Confirmation of the uncomplicated single pregnancy
  • Conformation of an unaccompanied multiple pregnancy
  • Confirmation from a doctor that the patient or the pregnant woman is fit to travel the entire journey, including the return date also, if applicable
  • Medical Certificate Date, stamp, and contact details of doctor or medical attendant
  • The medical certificate should not exceed ten days from the scheduled date.

What are the various things pregnant women should consider when flying with Frontier?

Frontier Airlines does not stip pregnant women to fly if they meet the criteria and are fit and healthy. However, given below are specific tips that can make your journey smooth and comfortable:

  • You can ask for bulkhead bassinet seats or aisle seats near the lavatory to make yourself comfortable.
  • When check-in you can request to provide you a seat with a leg rest so that you can keep the legs elected during the journey.
  • Unless it is not essential, you should avoid traveling in the air to prevent turbulence, pressurization, and other risks in the air.
  • Be sure to keep the necessary medications in case you require them.

Conclusion: The information above suggests that Frontier Airlines can fly pregnant women unless they follow the terms and conditions, don't have complications, and have a premature delivery history. Besides, check your doctors for sure before flying and get confirmation from them that you are ok to fly. What is the cut-off month for flying when pregnant? For more information or if you still have any questions, contact the Frontier Airlines representative directly, or you can visit the official website.