• 02 May, 2024
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Does delayed baggage get compensation in the Emirates?

Emirates is among the top airlines in the world, offering an extensive range of services to ensure customers have the best possible experience. The airline is dedicated to assisting customers with any issues, whether it's before boarding or after landing at their destination. If you happen to experience delayed baggage while traveling with Emirates, you are entitled to ask for compensation for the same. It is understandable how one's luggage is important to them and vital to receive at the scheduled time at the airport. Therefore, Emirates is ready to compensate for the inconvenience as needed. 

Read the further guide to understand what to do if your bag is delayed at Emirates and how to get compensation for the same. 

1. Visit the Baggage Service Desk

If you are present at the airport, you must immediately contact the baggage service desk for your delayed bag. You will be asked to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to track down your luggage with the customs and concerned department. This will also help you check the status of the baggage later. As your form is submitted, you will get a PIR number on your email or phone number for future use. The airline will contact you by themself to offer the eligible compensation. 

2. Fill out an online compensation form

You can complete an online compensation for your delayed flight by providing all your flight details and luggage information. The compensation request will be processed in a few working days. The steps to complete the online form are as follows:

  • Get to the Emirate's official homepage,
  • Open the Help window to select the "Delayed or damaged baggage support" option,
  • Now, on the new page, you will have to add the obtained PIR number and last name,
  • Click the "Continue" key and get the status of the delayed baggage,
  • Next, you can navigate the "Delayed Baggage Compensation" option,
  • Add the details as necessary on the form on the screen and tap the Submit key to send your delayed baggage request. 

3. Call the help desk

Emirates help desk is also available throughout the day and resolves customer issues with any matter. So, if your luggage has been delayed with them, you can immediately converse with a representative and submit a request for delayed flight compensation. The steps you will have to follow to call the help desk are:

  • Dial the Emirates helpline number: +1 800 777 3999,
  • With a little wait, you will be connected with a representative on call,
  • Then, you must provide the flight details and ask to lodge a file for your delayed baggage,
  • You will be required to provide some specific details of your bag to the representative,
  • Your compensation request will be submitted at Emirates and be processed in a few days. 

How much compensation can I claim for delayed luggage?

Emirates can provide compensation of up to $1658 for delayed baggage, depending on how long the baggage has been delayed and your fare conditions. The compensation amount also contains the expenses you had to make for not getting the luggage on time. So, due to your delayed baggage, if you had to buy some essential things for your needs, you must have all the bills to add to your compensation request. Emirates will compensate you accordingly for your delayed baggage in a few days.

Does delayed baggage get compensation?

If a person receives their baggage or faces a delay in the arrival of their baggage with Emirates, they are entitled to compensation according to the situation. The baggage service desk is available to help customers with their needs and track down the status of the bag. Reach the help desk at your convenience to claim the delayed bag compensation. Get detailed information about Emirates Airline Baggage allowance.