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Does Alaska Airlines give you a free checked bag?

Passengers are allowed for free checked baggage on Alaska Airlines but the weight limit and a number of checked bags may vary as it is subject to fare class and travel distance. To find out more details, you are recommended to go through the complete blog post. In the further information, you will find the free checked bag limit, weight, and fees.

Alaska Airlines Free Checked Baggage Policy:

Alaska Airlines does follow a few rules and regulations for the service they offer to passengers. It is highly recommended to check the baggage rules and fees when you purchase a ticket to understand that Alaska Airlines baggage weight is allowed for free and also to find out that extra charges are applicable for checked bags.

  • Passengers do not need to pay baggage charges for certain items such as strollers, car seats, and mobility aids.
  • As per the Airline Baggage fee, the checked baggage weight does not exceed 100 pounds or 115 linear dimensions.
  • You are allowed to bring one Checked bag for free in Standard Economy Class, however Business class travelers are allowed to bring two checked- bags for free.
  • In case, the bag exceeds the weight allowance or size of 100 pounds, is subject to the additional fee which is based on the Fare class, travel distance, and other factors.
  • If you are traveling on Multi-city flights then the baggage rules and fees may vary as it depends on the other Airline.
  • More than one fee can be applicable on checked bags such as an oversized fee + checked bag fee.
  • Passengers can pay the checked bag fee either during online Check-in or at the Airport Baggage counter.

Alaska Airline Checked Baggage Fee:

According to Alaska Airlines Checked baggage fee, travelers are allowed to bring one checked bag for free but the bag does not exceed the weight allowance and size. For a hassle-free trip, you should always check Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees for oversized and extra luggage. To learn more check the mentioned details.

  • For the First bag with a weight of up to 50 lb and a maximum dimension of 62 linear, the Standard fee is $35.
  • Travelers who want to carry a second extra luggage should have to pay $ 45 which may differ based on the destination.
  • For the additional third bag, some restrictions may apply and the charges of $150 for each will be implemented.
  • Passengers should pay the oversized bag fee of $100 for the bag, weighing  51-100 lb.
  • However, for the bag weight allowance 63-115 linear, you should required to pay the overweight luggage fee $150. Also get information about how to find lost baggage on Alaska Airlines.

How can I avoid the Baggage fee on Alaska Airlines?

There are several ways to avoid the Baggage Fee on Alaska Airlines among which some of them are listed below.

  • Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card holders are allowed to bring one checked baggage for free.
  • Passengers who have Elite level Mileage Plus members have the flexibility to bring two checked bags for free.
  • First Class Travelers can check in first and second-checked luggage without any charges.
  • Therefore, Military personnel can carry up to five checked bags for free.